3 months deadline to finish works under Smart City – LK Atique

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LK Atique secretary in charge of the district held a review meeting with the Smart city officials and gave a deadline of 3 months for completion of the projects on hand.

All the major works in the city under the Smart City project, including road construction, should be completed within three months, Atique said.

He was speaking at the Smart City office on Wednesday, chairing the Smart City project progress review meeting.

There are complaints about the slow pace of work and he told the authorities that the works should be expedited and completed within three months.

Completing works ahead of the rainy season is a must and so road and electrification works should be completed on priority.


Shashidhar Kurer, Managing Director of Belgaum Smart City Project, gave information on smart city works.

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  1. 3 months?
    And these people are going to obey???
    One of 3 things may happen.

    1. The best outcome they actually listen after having a “fire” lit up under their rear ends.
    2. They carry on at their own pace proving they’re the bosses of themselves and answer to no one.
    3. Shoddy work will be done, ghai ghai, using cheap materials. Gogte bridge anyone?

    Let’s all hope, no PRAY, the first option comes true.
    Also it feels like there’s dirt in my eyes while reading this.

    Be safe . . .
    and STAY blessed everyone.

  2. The Smart City Team should come forward for the 24 hour drinking water for the city,which is being delayed for no reasons


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