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3 lions arrive at KRC mini zoo Bhutramanhatti

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The Central Zoo Authority has given permission to the Kittur Rani Chennamma Nisargadhama at Bhutramanhatti to keep Lion, Tiger, Bear, Leopard, Fox, Gaur along with other few animals and birds.

Now as per the tweet, Nakula,Krishna & Nirupama born to Preksha-Ganesha, on 12.2.2010 have been transported to Bhuthramanahatti zoo popularly known as #Belgaumzoo Animal lovers of region would get an opportunity to view the animals soon.

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Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBBP) is delighted to inform that as per the permission given by the Central Zoo Authority, New Delhi vide letter No. F.N.23-7/2019-CZA(Part.I) dated: 15-02-2021 for the Exchange of animals between Bannerghatta Biological Park, Bangalore and Kittur Rani Channamma Mini Zoo, Bhutaramanahatti, Belgaum, the following lions were gifted and successfully shifted from Bannerghatta Biological Park, Bengaluru to Kittur Rani Channamma Mini Zoo, Bhutaramanahatti, Belagavi

1. Lion Nakul born on 12-02-2010, aged 11 years

Sire: Ganesh

Dam: Preksha

2. Lion Krishna born on 12-02-2010, aged 11 years

Sire: Ganesh

Dam: Preksha

3. Lioness Nirupama born on 12-02-2010, aged 11 years

Sire: Ganesh

Dam: Preksha

The plan was envisaged since 2018.
3 Asiatic lions have now made it to Belagavi Zoo. Other animals would also be transferred here in the coming months.

Safari fencing has been done, tiger house is ready. As per the earlier information 4 tigers, 2 each from Mysore and Banneraghatta zoos move to Belagavi zoo as we are expecting nod from Central Zoo Authority – CZA.

As per the latest tweet 3 lions have been already transported to Bhutramanhatti zoo and people would get the opportunity to see them soon.

At present, the Zoo falls in ‘Mini Zoo’ Category as per the classification of Zoos by the Central Zoo Authority.

The Mini zoo is spread over 34 hectares the mini Zoo was started in 1989.

With the zoos being the best places to impart values on biodiversity and motivate visitors for its conservation, they can as well sensitize visitors on endangered species, in-situ and ex-situ conservation, and many other issues.

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  1. Good News for Animal Lovers and children !!! Now that the animals have arrived and some more likely to arrive. their up-keep and care is of vital importance( particularly in this Pandemic.). All visitors going to see these animals in this Zoo, should be well cautioned by the caretakers……..


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