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30 crores spent on VKS

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Vishwa Kannada Sammelana was held in Belgaum during March this year and 30 crores were spent on the same and information through RTI was sought by Mr. Bhimappa Gadad. It took the information department more 3 months to give the information asked for. He further said that money was spent on roads which were already in good condition and which had been repaired under other grants earlier. Rs.2 crore 98 lakhs were spent on roads during the assembly session of 2009 again 3 crores 72 lakhs was spent on the same roads during VKS.

He also alleged that all the money must have gone into the pockets. And even after doing this bills of many contractors are still unpaid which is very astonishing.



In a press meet he mentioned the following points as per the reply to the RTI:

Rs. 31,20,400 were spent on buying Kunda & Ladoos which were never seen in the menu of the food given at 7 places during the event.

Rs.9,55,550 were spent on Rottis made from Bijapur

Rs.1 crore were spent on tents

Rs.60 lakhs were spent on welcome boards

Rs.1 crore were spent on tables, chairs, sound system

Rs.4 crore were spent on actors/actress coming from Kannada film industry

Rs.75,85,428 for buying Jamkhanas/Bedsheets

Rs.27,16,787 as rentals for plates/glasses

Rs.18,72,000 fees of cooks/helpers

Rs.1 crore exhibition

Rs.1,17,19,000 for bandobast/ others

Rs.5,75,000 spent on 600 journalists who had come to cover the event

Rs.50 lakhs spent on visitors from Foreign countries

Rs.30 lakhs opening ceremony

Rs.50 lakhs art/sculpture exhibition

Rs.3 crore for VKS stage






41 thoughts on “30 crores spent on VKS”

  1. uday vayitu namm cheluva kannada naadu !! yaak bekagitt pa idella :(:(
    Instead of this they cud hav built some kannada medium schools or implemented some programs to increase kannada awareness..

  2. Very often events are required for the development of the city. If some one ask govt to spend usually, it will take long route. So such events(KVS or assembly session) are short cut to development of the city.
    As a law to get something we have to loose something. One should not bother about expenditures as money was spent on people of belgaum. We all run with different ideologies and mindset. For few people, spending on actor/actress seem to be waste but for others it’s an life time opportunity to see the celebrities on face to face. So it’s quite difficult to justify the spending on such occasions. One should raise the concern if expense sheet show unbalanced figures. That should not be accepted for any event, any city or any govt.

    • Rather the heading should have been 30 Crores wasted on VKS. Mr. Gadad is doing a great job & has justified the title wasted by getting information through RTI.

  3. Huss_ _le makklu…bari tamm kishe thumbkondru yellaru…apmc road daag ninne bulb haakyaru halka nan makklu…innu haddid road hanga adaavu…n d douchebags wanna spend 30 crores??…bloody artists at d meet starved n walked around hungry was such a shame…n u believe kunda was served?i ask…to whom?is der a dc or anyone from d ‘f’d up corporation readin dis!??

  4. @ Uday

    I feel u r good at entertaining the comments like those came by “Ramlinga”…

    He dont have manners ,, and you dont filter it ,,,,

    How can that duffer comment like that on these two major celebraties ?

    Being a Belgaumite/Kannadiga I am proud about VKS and the money spent on it,,,
    Those who call it waste for it is just that matter of flustration,,,,

    Behind the thinking of wastage and your other part of economics ,,, there is term called PRIDE… and the VKS was the PRIDE for us and I am proud of being a part of it,,,

    many kows what all the developments happened due to VKS in Belgaum… and still they blame it,, Isn’t that a flustration ?

    @ Kannadiga

    Lo mahanubhava,,,

    Ninnanta kannadigarindane namage ee gati bandirodu guruve ,,, modalu nammoru maadirodanna,, haagu nammadu anno vastugala mele abhimaana belesko ,, aamele kannadiga anta hesarittako,, illa andre kannadiganaagi huttiro ninna janma ne WASTE …

    • Pride – VKS@30 Crores, Vidhan Soudha@370 Crores. It is a fact that the VKS was very badly organised & the comments by Anp123 also endorse the same. People should feel pride in better infrastructure at Belgaum, good employment opportunities at Belgaum, better standard of living & not in conducting circus/drama of VKS.

      Anna Hazare (even you will call him as frustrated) is not simply starving but to make the government accountable so that funds (which is your & my money) are not wasted on VKS, Vidhan etc. You ask the common citizen & you will come to know man is driven by stomach & then comes pride.

      • Atul

        If you are so much hungry then learn to earn and live with passion, For kannadigas its a passion to spend and making our culture shine gives pride,,

        If your so much concerned about the hunger why dont you teach the relation of hunger n pride (as you commented above) to Pakistani’s and Marathi’s ?

        The whole world knows the pakistani’s are beggers but still they show their pride infront of India and the whole country knows there are hell lot of beggers in Maharashtra who still beg for belgaum n other part of my state and still shouw their proud ? doesn;t that applies to these beggers ?

        We have so We show,,, and thats the power of Karnataka…

        • Well express your pride but not at the cost of money contributed by the citizens. Do you think all 30 Crores were spent honestly & anyhow they didn’t come from pocket of Yeddyrupa.
          About the beggars (as you have denoted) from Maharashtra the statistics suggest that they are better developed having better standard of living & with real pride & that is the reason we Belgaumites are saying let us join them so let Belgaum get merged with Maharashtra & this way only we can ensure progress & growth of Belgaum. About the Marathi pride we didn’t simple rule 60 % of India under the great leadership of Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. You need to debate based on true information. So don’t be in illusion, with 60 % of Marathi people in Belgaum we will get Belgaum into Maharashtra.

          • Ha ha ha

            I was right to address you as begger,,, and in the comment/reply I can feel Begger’s Dream seen by you…

            And when you are debating here with marathi/maharashtrian attitude then I feel its none of your business to talk about the expenses done by Karnataka governement.

            If your statistics were so true then Belgaum would have merged long ago with maharashtra.. Fact is fact.. I know what standards with maharashtrians living.

            And for your kind information
            ” Dont try to add up the great hindu warriors name in border issue, else Shivaji maharaaj will loose his image not only in my vision but also in all the other non-maratha hindus “

        • When people can’t debate based on facts they lose their senses & get into personal blame & hence I am forced to reply accordingly. I can see how troubled you are & in fact it is you who is frustrated.

          You equating Marathis to Pakistanis – Ghadhay you are having a goodnight sleep only because there are Marathis in India otherwise the Pakistanis would have fu…. your as….

          There are boards displayed in Belgaum saying this is Maharashtra state abb batha khay ghanta ukkhad liya hai tuney.

          Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a great Maratha king & we are proud of him, what is your credibility to show respect or disrespect to him.

          Statistics suggest that the GDP & per capita income of Maharashtra is much higher than Karnataka & this is right from independence.

          • Ha ha ha

            Bache ,,,, maharashtra ke baare mein itna pround hai to wahi jaa ke mar na,,,

            Nann belgaavili en kisitidiyo naayi ?

            Border is served by all the Idians and not marathis alone,, there are much more kannadigas in marathna infentry than your marathi, and thats y it is in Belgaum as the marathi cowards of maharashtra didn.t join army ,, infantry started hiring the heroes from my state…

            you say that there are sign boards in “Belgaum – maharashtra” ha ha ha

            joke no ?

            yourself you are proving your pakistaani attitude,,
            Belgaum is Karnataka’s Kashmir and you a*s h*l*s treating it as your own and doing the same things as pakistaani’s does it for Kashmir,,

            DUM hai to Legally fight karo,, prove in court that it belongs to maharashtra..

            if not,, naavu haakodanna tinakond teppage biddakolo,,,

    • Mahantesh,
      Like you even Ramlinga is free to express his views or for the matter of fact anyone is free to express his/her thoughts. I can understand your sympathy for Aishwarya & even I like her but the sympathy towards Yeddyrupa is difficult to understand (he visits more temples than his office).
      You feel only your views are correct & others are duffers. Being celebrity one is subjected to both likings & disliking.

      • Hi Atul,

        I am a Kannadiga.

        I have many Maratha friends who are ready to give lives for us and we are ready to give lives to Maratha friends. I request you not spoil your mood and relationship with Kannada friends. We Indians are proud sons of Bharat mata and not Karnataka or Maharashtra. Great warrior Shivaji fought Dharma Uddha(war) and not linguistic war. I and many kannadigas value him a lot. For your information Rani Chennamma sent troops to support Shivaji in a war. So Kannadigas and Marathas are brothers and sisters. States were formed just before 60 years. But Kannadigas and Marathas are brothers since centuries together. So lets not fight over such issues. As there is no unity between we Indians Pakistanis are taking advantage. If blood be spilt, lets spilt it on cause for country.

        Even this applies to Mahantesh. Feel proud to be Indian and next comes everything.

        Atul please learn Kannada so as to mingle with Kannada people and I know perfect Marathi as I love my India and not languages.

        • Hi Jay,

          It is a pleasure to read your comments. Well even I have got lots of Kanada friends who are very close to & dear to me. Me not knowing kanada is because I had done my education through CBSE but would love to learn Kanada & many other languages like Punjabi, Urdu etc. Some how I need to learn the Urdu script which is one of my objective.

          You know the people of North Karnataka are the same the same food, the same clothing etc but even this is a fact that Belgaum never got its share of development which is a very sad fact & that too even when we contribute a lot to the treasury. Believe me If we need to tap the potential of Belgaum it should be declared as Union Territory so that atleast our future generation sees better time & will have good life.

          The other point you need to note is that in all of my comments I have always defended Marathi (it is quite natural) but have never abused Kanada. The other so called gentleman abuses Marathi & then I have offend the same because Mera Maa bolay Marathi.

        • @ Jay

          Even I have so many maratha friends and we never discuss anything as such as border issues among us,, I call my friends mother as amma and they call my mother as aayi,,
          but I started the conversation against atul when he was questioning the expenses done by karnataka goverment not a kannadiga or a belgaumite but as a maratha,, the its my responsibilty to defend for my kannada right ? even I can say “Nann taayi nu kannadavalu ” (mera ma bolati hai kannada).

          If they respect our pride then ofcourse I do respect them, but not at the cost of my or my kannada defeat,,,

          @ Atul

          You meant to ask me that whether I know that where marathi sign boards are put in Belgaum ?

          I am the resident of Gandhi nagar,, and proud Belgaumite. studied in KLE’s for 16 years . and check my wrirtings to this page I am much and much older to you to write here in this web. you just entered kiddos.

          May be it is Yallur, Sindholi, and in some other marathi dominated villages,, Ya I know ,, and thats Why I ask you people if you are in lag of facilities ask the goverment and fight ligally,, come to court n prove that You are right and get the facilities,, What changes by putting the sign board ha ? R u cutting and pasting those villages inside maharashtra some where ? whatever you may do they will be still same distance apart from us,,,,

          putting maharshtra sign board story is like cutting your nose when you cannot cure Saradi (Negadi/cold).

          Imagaine what happens if kannadigas start doing the same thind in solhapur, kolhapurm sangli and Miraj ,, we are the piece lovers and try to mingle with every one,, but for the sake of inch of land we never fight to our own people (all indians).

          If you can respect Kannada I will respect you and your marathi throght my life, Else I have to defend my motherland.

          • Thanks for accepting the facts (presence of Maharashtra board) etc. Well one needs to be fair in life & believe me till now diplomacy has never ever solved any of the problems it just prolongs the problem. Well you can’t cut the nose but one should not choke it as well because you need to breathe.

            I very well remember the boards being displayed in Marathi & Kanada on the KSRTC buses, why this has been stopped. The people of Belgaum have got linguistic rights & hence these rights should be taken care off. Had there been some development at Belgaum people like you & me need not have to wander around to meet our needs. Inspite of the low importance given to our city Belgaum on its own has come up due to many entrepreneurs who cater to the automobile industry like Ashok Iron, Polyhydron etc just imagine the condition had there been active support from the government. I generally consider the individual person & not whether he is Marathi, Kanada, Hindu or Muslim hence no ill feelings for anyone.

            About being how known one is to this site I would say try to read & understand (what is the say) what is written & not who writes it.

    • Gadhay sudar ja,

      We will certainly join Belgaum with Maharashtra & then humara marna bhi wahi hoga.

      Can’t understand kanada & it is not necessary also for me.

      Again your facts are wrong there are more Marathi people serving the Indian Defense & the word Warrior = Maratha.

      It seems you dont know Belgaum & you are a Kanadiga not a Belgaumite hence ask your Belgaum friends as where is the board Maharashtra displayed in Belgaum & you will come to know.

      Like Pakistanis we the Marathis are also Patriotic & that is the reason we ruled from Cuttack to Attuck (now in Pakistan).

      There is a case in Supreme Court & irrespective of the hearing Belgaum will join Maharashtra.

      Mala kanada mahit nahi.

      • No necessity of showing so much dummy proud here..

        And dont question about my origin, This soul is of the pure Belagaavi origin,, born and bought up in the same city ,, thats why I am so much proud and arrogant to reply you on my kannada …

        I think till now you thought there is no kannadiga of Belgaum to stop you on all your stupid games,, Now I am here to defend,, the origin of Belagaavi, for Belagaavi but pure kannadiga,,,

        and thanks for justifying yourself as a pakistaani patriot.

        Jai hind .

        • You need to accept facts & not live in illusion. The world is round & not flat. If you had good knowledge about Belgaum you would have come to know where the board Maharashtra is displayed hence the question of your being a Belgaumite. Well one needs to ask the question why these people are displaying this board because certainly some injustice has been done to them & hence they are reacting to the same.

          Well it is simple you hurt even an animal it will revolt & the Marathis at Belgaum are human beings. I had also read in earlier blog as how you had defended the killing of martyrs in the Belgaum border dispute & this shows of your cruelty. One cannot crush a genuine movement as we have been denied of our rights & we will fight for the same. About being a Pakistani patriot, I do not need any certificate from you, my elders contribution in 1971 war is not a virtual one & it really requires lots of guts to hold a gun & fire.

          • and you have become blind by having that guts,, so started firing inside the nation itself.. isn’t it ?

            This is how you are breaking the unity of this nation, not only in Belgaum also in Mumbai….

          • You call them Martyrs ?

            Martyrs are those who sacrifice life in Border for this nation, Who fight holding gun against the enimies such that we can live a pieceful life here,,,

            They are called as BUGS which die fighting internally and try to break the unity of this nation.

        • Well recently after long time I did see movie tilled Khel based on the true story of the freedom struggle in Chittagaon, do feel that the name resembles Belgaon (GAON). Also liked the dialogue woh lahu hi khay jho haq ki ladayi meh na bahey.

          Well films apart as they are just for entertainment but at the same time let us also accept the fact that the movement at Belgaum has a genuine purpose.

        • We call them Martyrs as they scarified their life for their rights. These are lions & tigers & they will eat you.

          Initially you said that the display of Maharashtra board in Belgaum is a joke then you yourself in next comment accepted that these boards do exist in Belgaum.

          First make sure what you want to say otherwise it will boomerang on you. Just be in senses & not in illusion we are coming back very strongly.

          • You are in confusion mari…


            I know and I said that “yes, the board does exist in Belgaum ”
            But I dont expect them or appriciate thier presence … First ask your lions and tigers (If they are.. – I find them as Dogs and Cats) to hunt mice and Rabits,, later they can think of us the Jumbo Hercules …

            wish you all the best If you are coming back so strongly as you said,, Even we like to have compitators always ,,,

            If you can’t then die in shame,,,

            appriciated if you play the game legally ….

        • Well I am not at all confused it is you who has to eat up his own words. You can’t retract back from what you said. The way the Maharashtra board exits in Belgaum the same way we will come back strongly & join Belgaum with Maharashtra.

          If at all there is any MNC around Belgaum then it is just 17 Kms away from Belgaum ie in Shinoli Maharashtra & just because of the ill treatment by Karnataka Govt there are no good companies operating in Belgaum this is a shame for you & the govt.

          Dogs & cats do not die for pride & it is the Lions & Tigers who sacrifice their life for their territory. You will get a strong reply in the forthcoming elections & it will be both legally as well as illegally.

          • Ab tujpe main hasu to bhi taras aata hai ,,,

            now tell me….

            If a begger wears the dresses of maharaja for a minute or for a day will he become the emperor ?
            ha ha ha

            the same way it is,,,
            the bugs who wanna break the unity of this nation does all this damn things internally,,,
            thats why I compared you with pakistanis,, if you cannot earn anything you try to rob it or pull it forcefully…

            and you are still in the mood of going to maharashtra only ,, and thats why you can see the MNC in sinnolli alone ( first of all this topic is not necessary here, but still to explain you i am writing)…

            There are companies like aditya birla, tata power house, renuka sugars, quest global , ashoka iron, polyhydrauns, alma motors and many many more who can buy your whole sinnoli and its district (not that MNC alone) in just minutes,,,

            My Belgaum rocks being in Karnataka,, dont need your favor .. get lost BEGGERS ,,,

        • Pehlay toh tu bohat hastha tha, you used to start your comments with ha ha he he aab batha kaaha gayee teri haasi
          Well everyone is aware of the Maratha dynasty with no match to its power & even the Moguls were scared of it & you will never know what is royalty because you are a born beggar the cursed one.
          About we being threat to unity of India once again the same reply just because we are there you are having a goodnight sleep otherwise the Pakistanis would have fu…. your as… because I know the Pakistanis personally.
          There is lot of difference between a MNC and a local company. The salaries in India are better off today just because of MNC’S & it is pity that the Govt could not attract even a single MNC to Belgaum rather the company felt comfortable at Shinoli which is just 17 Kms away from Belgaum.
          To answer tit for tat Maharashtra can easily buy whole of Karnataka or rather simply concur it & make you slave.
          Once again to remind you that debate should be based on facts & not assumptions or being in illusion.

  5. 4 crores on film stars? why? are they not kannadigas?? atleast half of 30 crores could have been used for development. Still beggers are seen in belgaum!!!

  6. it was a megha event. But at what cost? Was that worth? If funds were utilised without going into some pockets, it would have definitely costed much less!!

  7. Are Puri Hasi Kushi (Belgaum like a Queen )……. 3 din Keliye Apane Shaher Me Aayaa Aur Sabine isakaa Ananad liyaaaa Maze Luteee…. Aab Yea Kehena Kyaaaaaa? Sahi Hai? Are Kusha Naseba Hai Hum Ki yea Hamare Yaha Huvaaa Are Bolane se Pehele Jaraaa Sochoo Apani Shaadi, Janamdin, Etc Pe Tum log Kitanaaa ($) Karcheeeee Karatehooo ( Bina Vazaa ) Badame… Kahoooo Jobi Kehena Hai!

  8. "30 crores" Public money is huge wastage , and for what ? vote bank?
    Till the time punishment for corruption is not really scary people will keep doing all this. We might have to resort to olden days of public crude punishments, fear is the only factor which can bring some discipline and honesty.
    Its high time that as a citizen of the country we rise above local and regional issues of language, caste, religion etc which help the cause corrupt and anti national people.
    Its much bigger a issue than just 30 crore / some language/ some city/ some politician/ etc . which will require may be another “freedom struggle” where its not easy to identify your enemy.
    We salute & appreciate the efforts of people who are keeping the hope alive by such efforts.


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