King-size butterfly seen at Vidyaniketan


love dale belagavi

A king sized butterfly was the talk of the children at Vidyaniketan school this Saturday.

All the children were thrilled to see such a big size butterfly.

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Photos: D B Patil

Trinity Belagavi
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  1. these is a good sign for the nature lovers of belgaum . If the surrounding hills is afforested will see more of such endangered species

  2. whether Moth or Butterfly its great to see that this still exist in belgaum. Its very rare or as good as extint in metros like bangalore or mumbai, all we get to see is crows, pegions or dogs near some garbage dust bin.
    nature has really gifted belgaum with good climat and vegetation it should not be destroyed by building concrete jungles.

  3. Heyyyyyy!!!!! thats really HUGE!!! Did anyone contact natgeo or discovery or the govt officials???? this is rare… extremely rare!!!!!!!


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