30 year old diabetic woman breathes her last at COVID ward

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After an elderly man, allegedly unable to bear the excruciating pain inflicted by Covid-19, died at the Covid ward in Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences (BIMS) on Friday. Today a 30-year-old woman from Kagwad also passed away in the COVID ward due to negligence. 

The patient who was a diabetic was admitted in a critical condition and was also diagnosed with COVID-19.

A video of the same is viral where it s complained that she was not treated for diabetes.

BIMS director Dr.Vinay Dastikop made it clear that there was no negligence on the part of the doctors of the District Hospital in treating the young woman. Her condition was critical and even oxygen was given. But we could not save her.


In another lethargic incident reported by TOI, where a man from Rajasthan, who had come to Belagavi from Bengaluru on June 10, was admitted before tests confirmed that he was positive for novel coronavirus.

On July 14, an ambulance came to my home and I was taken to the hospital. A nurse informed me that tests conducted on a swab sample had indicated I was positive for the infection. But three days later, the same nurse informed me that there had been a mistake, and that I was not infected,” the man said.

8 thoughts on “30 year old diabetic woman breathes her last at COVID ward”

  1. Who is responsible for the deaths due to neglegence happening in BIMS , culprit must be terminated and case shall be filed against him or her without bail
    And he or she should give compensation for the life of dead, will they do the same neglegence if it was his or her parents or spouse ???????
    This is India and atmanirbhir everybody on own
    Digital India
    Lots of noise by media that too false
    for rich and celebrity nothing for general public (general public is worms and ants in India just see petrol price)

  2. Oh the doctors who are doing duty and dying from treating covid patients..where their own kin are afraid to come near..are they dying of their own negligence too??.everybody knows how horrible this virus can be and no specific treatment people sitting safely away from covid patients ..please show some restraint before commenting and passing judgement..and show this gutsy attitude with your elected representatives..instead of targeting doctors.

  3. Petrol is most essential good that everyone talks about price rise. Come out of political mindset.. Talk about essential goods…

  4. Prices of Essential goods is directly proportional to fuel prices that’s simple logic and why shall we pay almost same equal amount as TAX per litre as base price anywhere in world is it a practice ?
    And more ever essential goods have also doubled but to our surprise nobody cares
    no more dharnas,dramas,strikes, bunds
    have all indian become wealthy so that they don’t care about prices anymore?

  5. “The patient who was a diabetic was admitted in a critical condition and was also diagnosed with COVID-19.”
    Above paragraph is from your report
    If the patient is a young diabetic and was admitted in critical condition with COVID- 19 then the death is due to serious nature of the disease . Doctors have no effective drugs against COVID 19 and those in critical conditions with illness like diabetes are likely to succumb to COVID-19
    It is wrong to blame the doctors just because the patient died.
    Doctors nurses paramedics are putting their life at risk and working in COVID wards
    So please don’t jump to conclusions

  6. Dr. Smita, please don’t take aside of doctors since you are also a doctor by profession. We too understand the pandemic situation. But they can refer the patient to the any other highly equipped hospitals. We appreciate the ambulance drivers, they proved their efficiency while they transporting organs in less time. Cleared the traffic, police department also helped in the same. Since having so much facilitated hospitals in city, and helpful hands, not even thought of transporting the patient. Utter negligence by the health staff. Please don’t try to give any justification by taking aside, cannot bring lost live back. Have some professional ethics.

  7. Dr Smitha
    Mr.kumar is referring to culprit doctors not noble doctors, ( their are MDs who sit on road side and take Rs 5 as consulting fee thats still exist in India we make Pooja of such doctors not only salute them they are 2nd God’s)
    pls dont get hiper.
    as we all know doctor’s profession is noble those who want to serve people must only go to medicine
    Likewise those who want to serve country must go to defense forces,those who want to serve people must go to politics, those who want to earn money they should opt business, this is ideal but except few people all this have become money making profession we see this only in India in other countries still ethics are alive. We are hearing shocking and shivering news from hospitals in covid era from neglegence to money making to organ thefts
    !!Oh GOD help us!!


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