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340.42 Crore spent out of 494 Cr received –118 projects Completed- Belagavi Smart city

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The Belagavi Smart city limited shared its Smart City Project Status as on 23.11.2020, in which it is stated that out of the 494 grant Crore received 340.42 Crore have been spent as on 23/11/2020.

In 2014 Belagavi was selected as a Smart city in the first list of Smart cities in the country.

Work began officailly on June 25, 2016 onwards.

Out of the 222 projects 118 projects worth Rs. 1,190.54 have been completed.

DescriptionNo of
Total No of ProjectsTotal No of Projects101919.67
Total No of Projects Completed25115.27
Total No of Ongoing Projects66767.71
Total No of Projects Tendered0932.61
Total No of Projects under DPR Stage014.08
Total No of Projects under Concept Stage
Total No of ProjectsTotal No of Projects07268.61
Total No of Projects Completed
Total No of Ongoing Projects0163.91
Total No of Projects Tendered04188.70
Total No of Projects under DPR Stage0216.00(9.81 Cr SCM Funded)
Total No of Projects1142544.95
Total No of Projects Completed931075.27
Total No of Ongoing Projects15763.50
Total No of Projects Tendered04685.88
Total No of Projects under DPR Stage0220.30
Total No of Projects2223733.23
Total No of Projects Completed1181,190.54
Total No of Ongoing Projects821595.12
Total No of Projects Tendered17907.19
Total No of Projects under DPR Stage540.38
Financial Status (Amount in Crores)
Total Fund Allocation5005001000
Total Fund Received294200494
Total Expenditure29446.42340.42
Total Expenditure (In Crores)
ParticularsCumulative Expenditure up to
End or 31.03.2020
Expenditure up to
Project Expenditure181.28320.40
PWC PMC Payment6.947.31
A & OE Expenditure10.3812.71
Total Expenditure198.6340.42

6 thoughts on “340.42 Crore spent out of 494 Cr received –118 projects Completed- Belagavi Smart city”

  1. After all sorts of complaints Govt Departments come out with such answer. Too bad. Simple thing is ” When you start a work put out a board giving details , such as work undertaking, Contractor, funds allotted, time given etc. “. Let people keep a watch. Then only we can catch the person responsible for a problem.

  2. Its an utter waste of public money..
    Look at the quality of roads … just pathetic..
    Traffic signals are not working..
    Mandoli road is still under construction….
    Angol road is incomplete …
    Road from Rani Chenamma circle to Railway over bridge is horrible….
    Non are held accountable…

  3. Most of the money goes into the pockets of managing team so what is left is offered to the lousy contractors to do the worst job. Belgavi citizens deserve the best.

  4. The worst quality of road construction work ,I have never seen in my life. Neither Engineers nor contractor are showing any interest, I think it’s time to report to the honorable PM

  5. I fully agree with Mr VN Shinde. Public must be made aware of the scope of work, funds allotted, expected date of completion , name and mobile number of the contractor and name of the engineer in charge of the project so that we can follow up on the progress of the work and also report on quality of materials being used. Public must be involved in all projects so as to ensure timely completion and good quality of works.


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