Decision of survey of old Grant Bungalows in Belagavi irks residents

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The monthly meeting of the Cantonment Board was held today and the main agenda on discussion was the survey of the old Grant Bungalows.

The residents fear that in the name of the survey they would be evicted from the bungalow in the name of resumption of bungalows under old grant.

How ever the CEO Shri Barchaswa said that a committee would be made for the same which would survey and make a detailed report as to if any person is violating any norms of doing any commercial activity from the Old Grants Bungalow. As per the rules the old Grants bungalow are for residential purposes only.

The board members in a memorandum to the CEO said that they do not wish to be part of the committee which will make survey.

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The residents also of the bungalows shared their apprehension that Cantonment could resume their bungalows.

How ever MLA Shri Anil Benake assured them nothing such would happen and all their rights would be protected.

The board also agreed for the development of Sainik Smarak at Gogte Circle at Suryakant park.

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  1. Commercial use of OG bungalows be banned and the same including outhouses which are in dilapidated conditions be demolished forthwith …


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