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Know what development works are been undertaken in your area- Nov 2020

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The Belagavi city corporation spends crores building Gutters, roads etc but all complain that in their area no works have been undertaken.

From this series, we will try and post details of the Tenders under which the various works will be undertaken in your area.

So kindly go through the same and if you find your area mentioned see that the work is carried out in actual or is it just a joomla on paper.


Most of the times the citizens arent aware of the works undertaken in their ward and the corporator also does not tell you for reasons known best to them.

It is your money that is been spent so know where it is been spent.

Work DescriptionAmount in Rs.
DMA/2019-20/RD/WORK_INDENT100967Package No.1: Construction of compound wall, Construction of Drain and Improvements to Garden and Road from A to D Work in Belagavi48451668.96
DMA/2019-20/RD/WORK_INDENT100966P.No.13. a)Impr. to rd of Bandi Marg,Gayatri Ngr,2&3. Joshi MalaRd&Rd of Vithaldevgalli inb) Constn ofRCC drain inBanashankari, Bazaar Galli & Basavana Galli Khasbag c)Constn of RCC drain in Om Ngr,Sambhaji Rd&Joshi Mala&at Bichu Galli BP Shahpur &Hulbatti Colony, Mirapur Galli,Shahpur& Mahadwar Rd 3rd cr.d)Constn of RCCdrainfromSPM Rd1st Cr.to2nd Cr.Mahadwar Main Rd,3rd & 5th Cr.of Mahadwar Rd & laying UGD line in Saraf Colony Hindwadi & Math Galli, Hosur in Belagavi (Work Sl.No.A to D)51140456.49
DMA/2019-20/RD/WORK_INDENT100965P.No.12 a)Impr. to rd from deshmukh rd of guruwar to shukrawar peth, Internal rds of shravanbag of shukrawarpeth(inskon temple) &from NH4 ofjakkeriHondauptojakkeri honda 1st cr.& 2cr.of SPM rd b) Imprt. to rdbehind joshischoolinBhavani Ngr, to3 panchmukhi& shivaji rd and cr rds c) Const. of RCC Drain in MG colony,from nala CD of New shivaji colony main rd to Gajanan Maharaj rd, & 2 of ayodhya ngr & Godse Ngr in d)from the Church in jed galli in Belagavi (Work Sl.No.a to d)45106409.82
DMA/2019-20/RD/WORK_INDENT100964P.No.11. a) Gajanan Maharaj 1st Cr, Rd Ranade Rd & cr rd, Internal rds of Dwaraka Ngr & main rd ofGajanan Maharaj Nagar b)Impr.rds at renuka ngr kulkarni galli to vinod house, kalmeshwar rdpart from kulkarni galli to dhamne rd, rd at 60′ rd from bharat ngr smashan rd to police quarters & Nath pai circle to sarvodaya colony Megadhoot society&Sunagar mala in c) Const.of CC Pavet for Veerasoudha rd & for MGColony, & rds inKariyappa colony in Belagavi (Work Sl.No. a to C)44606224.36
DMA/2019-20/RD/WORK_INDENT100962P.No.09 a)Impr. to internal rds of saraf Ranade colony & to8 in RK marg & surrounding rds of Mahaveer garden b)Impr. to Ganesh mandir cr. rds & surrounding rds of subhash market & swimming pool c)Impr. to Maruti Mandir rd & cr.rds, main rd of RK marg & prov. pavers from Jain basti to RPD rd d)Constn.of RCC drain at hattiholi main rd & cr. rds, kore galli & from new girls high school to vijay bakery 1st,4th & 5th cr.of Nagazarinath colony & from Old MF rd corner to newMFroad in Belagavi49635645.8
DMA/2019-20/RD/WORK_INDENT100958P.No.06 1) Rd atParijatColony & SaiShradha Colony fromZere Galli corner to Yallur mn rd & Recarp. to rd at Bhagya Ngr 4th cr. to Maruti, Zeregalli, Kurbar & Muslim galli 2)Prov.CC rd at Ambedkar Ngr & Constn.of RCC drain at Waddargalli, BUDA S.No.17 Nazar camp 5th cr.Harijanwada both side Korvi galli mn rd & at SarvodayColony connecting rds 3) rd at Bhagya Ngr 9thcr. & internal rds&Bhagya ngr 10th cr. 4) Recarp. rd at Bhagya Ngr 1st to 5th main W.No.7 Belagavi49055828.95
DMA/2019-20/RD/WORK_INDENT101300P.No.04 a) Impr. to rd at Kalmeshwar housing society & Rajaram Ngr cross roads in b) Impr. to rd at Sant Rohidas colony, Brahma Ngr internal roads in & Const.of CC road at Kanakdas Colony in, c) Improvement to road at Gavade Layout, Yadav Nagar, Doddannavar factory & surrounding area & Rana Pratap road, Hindu Nagar in w. no. 3 & BUDA Scheme No. 08. d) Improvement to road at Gajanan Nagar from KEB quarters to Majukar compound & Devendra Nagar in w. no. 2. Belagavi47311425.44
DMA/2019-20/RD/WORK_INDENT100970Package No.15 a) Construction of RCC drain & CC road, Development of Community graveyard, Improvements of Road & installation of Childrens equipments, open Gym equipments & const. of compound wall & landscaping work Sl.No. a to e in Belagavi.48543612.29
DMA/2019-20/RD/WORK_INDENT100969P. No.14 : a)Constn. of Drains in WNO.40 Shriram colony, Basaveshwar ngr, Kuvempu ngr 2nd stage, Chikku bag, BSNL colony, Dajibai Desai Hanuman ngr 2nd stage,3rd stage,Banjara colony,Omkar ngr& Vinayak ngr.b)Constn of Nala Bijapur colony &W.No.48 Kotekere.c)Constn of Nala Deepak galli, Old Gandhi ngr and New Gandhi ngr. Constn of CC Roads & Drains kanbargi & Mal Maruti layout S. No.9 &12. Constn of Rds, UGD & Nala in Belagavi North Aman ngr & Hakeem colony, Belagavi46448313.6
DMA/2019-20/RU/WORK_INDENT100968Package No.2 Construction of Road & drain work Sl.No. a to e in Belagavi45188510.69
DMA/2019-20/RD/WORK_INDENT101295Package No.03: 1) Impr. to Majagaon internal roads in W.No.1 b)Providing CC road at Mahaveer Nagar internal road Majagaon in W.No.1 c) Majagaon Brahma Nagar Palki Road to Labour Office in Ward No.02 & Parijat Colony internal road in W.No.6, 3) Impr. to road at Laxmi Nagar, Vishwakarma Colony, Guruprasad Colony and Kaveri Nagar in W.No.3 Belagavi50595194.27
BSCL/PPP-MLCP-TIL/2020-21/CALL-2Implementation of Multi-Level Car Parking-cum-Commercial Development at Tilakwadi, 1st Railway Gate, Belagavi-Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) basis—-
BSCL/PPP-MUFC-MN/2020-21/CALL-2Implementation of Multi-Utility Facilitation Centre cum Commercial Development at Mahantesh Nagar, Belagavi-Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) basis—-
DMA/2019-20/EL/WORK_INDENT98366/CALL-5Repairs to existing electrical infrastructure under City Corporation Belagavi Limit.1564897.55
No.CCB/VS/VEHICLES/TND/2020-21/CALL-5Supply of 1200 to 1600 CC Car/Jeep for Belagavi City Corporation on monthly hire basis.4800000
DMA/2019-20/EL/WORK_INDENT101373/CALL-5Providing lighting arrangement to Stage in Gadinadu Bhavan, Belagavi.181574
DMA/2019-20/EL/WORK_INDENT101375/CALL-5Providing Audio System to Gadinadu Bhavan, Belagavi.379254
DMA/2020-21/RD/WORK_INDENT107733Improvements to road from Maratha Mandal Circle to Veerbhadra Nagar Circle in Ward No.45, Belagavi2499170.74
DMA/2020-21/RD/WORK_INDENT107719Improvements to road at Datta Galli in Ward No.9, Belagavi2297381.58
DMA/2020-21/OW/WORK_INDENT104060Improvements to UGD from Ward No.1 to 15 in South Constituency of Belagavi3180795.58
DMA/2020-21/OW/WORK_INDENT107696Providing and laying of UGD line from Mishra kote House to double road in ward No-46,Belagavi3218704.89
DMA/2020-21/OW/WORK_INDENT107702Providing and laying of UGD line infront of jirali House, sector No 5 ,Mal Maruthi Extention in Ward No-52,Belagavi777960.95
DMA/2020-21/RD/WORK_INDENT104251Providing cobble stone pavers at Shriram Colony, Angol in Ward No.4, Belagavi789675.76
DMA/2020-21/OW/WORK_INDENT107699Providing and laying of UGD line from Akkan marg Shrinagar double road to Pujar house in sector no.11 &12 ward No-52,Belagavi697527.72
DMA/2020-21/OW/WORK_INDENT107704Providing and laying of UGD line from Kurer house to Patil house,sector No 8 Ward No-52,Belagavi493770.42
DMA/2020-21/OW/WORK_INDENT107706Providing and laying of UGD line from Kanabargi Auto Nagar cross to Dental clinic Ward No-54,Belagavi493770.42
DMA/2020-21/OW/WORK_INDENT107673Construction of RCC drain at Sangameshwar Nagar Darga road & Nayak building Ward 42 ,Belagavi1487931.53
DMA/2020-21/OW/WORK_INDENT107675Construction of Nala near Sai hall, Shahu Nagar Ward No.42, Belagavi1487809.12
DMA/2020-21/OW/WORK_INDENT107716Improvements to road at Ganapat Galli, Hanamannavar Galli, Angol in Ward No.4, Belagavi1186506.94
DMA/2020-21/RD/WORK_INDENT107735Improvements to road infront of Glass House & Infront of Dr.Ambedkar Bhavan in Ward No.52, Sector No.5 Belagavi1495968.73
DMA/2020-21/OW/WORK_INDENT107708Providing RCC drain and CD work at Agarkar Road in Ward No.17, Belagavi1920109.21
DMA/2020-21/RD/WORK_INDENT107734Improvements to road at 7th main & 1st sub cross in Veerbhadra Nagar Ward No.47 Belagavi1507848.64

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  1. Pis look over TIRANGA colony NALA near kanakdas circle which is incomplete since last 4 yrs as it is becoming unhygienic day by day


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