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Jain Heritage School to have its own mobile app

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JHS Mobile App Schkola

Jain Heritage School has always believed in Innovation and Creativity. This approach has led to create an outstanding service for Parents using the Power of IT. The Mobile App- Schkola is an attempt to bridge a communication gap between Parents and School.

Objective :

The availability of JHS school app will let the school increase its availability and accessibility to parents, which is very important. The app will take the parents quickly to the information he needs about the school. Most people now carry a smartphone with them, so the app will allow content and information to be at hand at any point in time. Previously, documents that were stored on the home computer could only be viewed from one location (which could be inconvenient). Now with the advent of school phone apps, the same information can be accessed on a bus, as parents walk their children to school or from any other location.

This provides a much better user experience and there is more chance of the content being read. This is a great way for schools to encourage interaction and get the wider community involved.

Key Features :

  1. Notice to Whole School or a particular Student – In this case the notice will be sent to all School Parents or a particular Student through App
  2. Automated Notices for pre-decided Holidays: The Notice alert module also has the provision to send the automated message to Parents for pre-decided holidays, programmes, events and celebrations if required by the school.
  3. Circulars : Students often forget to give the circulars or Parents find difficult to see the school calendar,Exam Schedules, Event Planner on regular basis which leads to miss communication as notice or circular is not read by the Parent. But with Notice Alert feature, the Notice is directly sent on the Parents mobile overcoming the described issues for the schools.
  4. Sharing School events photos: Sharing School events photos has never been so easy before. It the matter of just clicking the event images from Mobile and publish it among the required Classes Parents.
  5. Attendance: Controlling the indiscipline arisen due to students who are bunking the school without informing Parents has always been the challenge for the Schools. But with Attendance Alert system in place, school can now send the absent alert on the Parent’s mobile whose student is absent for the day.
  6. The Class work and Homework : Click and upload – Simply click the snap of the written classwork on the school board and upload the image to the required classes from the App itself
  7. Real Time Communication– Empowering your School with “Easy Connect” makes communication more smother, quicker and handy for Parents to view the Updates instantly on their Mobiles.
  8. Go Green Initiative – Weather it is small Notice or the large document, School Connect features allows school to share the required Notice with the Parents.
  9. Parents Interaction to the School: If parents want to inform the school about any issue they can do in a second.

How App works? The message is triggered to all the Parents that will contain a link to download the App and their respective User ID and Password – Once the Parent download the App and Install it successfully they can enter the credentials that they have received in the message. Once logged in successfully they can now receive various updates related to their child as and when send by the school. – If the Parent has not downloaded the App or doesn’t have a smart phone, then also Parent will receive normal text messages on their Mobile.

4 thoughts on “Jain Heritage School to have its own mobile app”

  1. Easily accessible app..user friendly. Anytime any notification is admirable. My request would be that it will be nice if parents get to know about classwork too as some children miss out to inform parents.It will be helpful if child is absent.parents can help children in their studies too.


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