40 Autos fined but when will authorities break this Auto Cracy

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In what seems to come as a welcome surprise for the citizens, the Traffic Police North under leadership of Javed Mushapiri have fined and seized about 40 autos for violation of norms which also includes not charging by meter.

Ever since the meter was officially introduced way back last year it was never implemented by the cops so seriously. But once in a blue moon, the Traffic north office does come out and fine autos for not charging by meter which is a welcome step for the citizens.

But to the surprise this action is limited to North zone only and no action has been taken in the south zone.
In the past week about 125 autos were fined various reasons including over charging.

The citizens have now even forgot what is the official minimum fare as the same is never implemented by the police seriously.

Such minuscule attempts are made in a limited capability which never turn out to be catalyst to mend the AutoCracy.

Effective Auto Fares in Belagavi city are

Rs 25 for 1.9 kms

Rs 10 for next per km

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  1. Belgaum station to Hindwadi is 3 km barely and the prepaid meter charges are Rs 50 . Prepaid person is hand in glove with auto guys. No action taken by anybody till date.


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