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424 deaths due to COVID as per City Corporation

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As per the data from the Belagavi City Corporation 424 deaths were recorded as COVID deaths and were cremated in the various cemeteries in the city, reports the Sakal.

As per the district health bulletin 163 COVID deaths have been reported from the district upto 25/08/2020.

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The City corporation collects the data of the cremations from the various locations on a daily basis and it maintains a COVID and NON covid deaths separately.

As per the data shared 424 COVID deaths have been reported and last rites done as per the protocol.

This figure is from only Belagavi city where as the 163 reported in the bulletin refers to the entire district.

So there is a huge difference in the deaths reported.

The figure of 424 is on a higher side as the last rites of many COVID patients from other talukas who were admitted here was also done here as per the SOP.

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