50 KRV activists arrested in Bangalore over Belgaum Mayor issue


March 31, 1pm:
Updated @ 3.30pm

50 activists of KRV were arrested in Bangalore a few hours back as they tried to storm the house of urban development minister Shri Kumar in Bangalore.

The activists were protesting in front of the ministers house while the 40 member delegation of Belgaum city councilors were meeting him and explaining the happenings of yesterday at the corporation.

The KRV is saying that what happened yesterday is all correct and Belgaum Mayor is a Kannadiga and we are proud of it.

A privilege motion was raised in the Maharashtra assembly but was not accepted by the speaker, but he agreed to have a discussion on the same. CM Ashok Chavan of Maharashtra said that whatever happned yesterday is another way of the Karnataka govt. to pressurize Marathis in the state. Ashok Chavan will write a letter to BSY expressing his regret over the Mayors election.

Bangalore Police badly beat the KRV activists.
The Police also urged the 40 member councilors team to leave the city and go back to Belgaum as their presence can cause law and order problems.. The team has left Bangalore in the afternoon.


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  1. Dear KRV
    Well staed objective and good intention of the organation.I wish u good luck and I support for your efforts for belgaum's development.
    Contractor from neighbouring state getting work order for swarn soudha is due to commercial spect and also due to their reputation.Try to oppose policy makers for engaging the the out of town petty job contractor for constructing guttars, roads resurfacing etc. Local contractors are capable of carrying out such works.
    Regarding the university hope you might have raed an article written in Prajavani.These politicians are making fool out of us.

  2. Hello Everyone
    Whenever there is an article on Border dispuite I see alot of people posting and replies to that. At KRV, We are only looking at one thing and that is development of this city and District at large. 80% of our activities are for development & the remaining 20% I would see is We only revert back to actions done by MES. We are making an effort to convince the marathi speaking people mainly the youth to join hands with us in the development of this region but the marathi media always presents us in a bad way and none of our development related activities are covered. Only allaboutbelgaum.com covers impartially about our activities and I feel its here that the intellectuals youth of this region can discuss and come out with a solution for this mess.
    We see things very closely at whats happening in Local politics or City corporation which is at the epicentre of this boiling issue. All the councillors and MLAs are not after the border issue, The border dispute is just an issue to come to power, All politicians need a issue to influence their leadership and cheap causes are eary to convince the masses, The masses are like a mob who do not have a mind of their own and they are dangerous.
    I see alot of youth who favour marathi and MES, I am definitely with them its marathi, We dont have issues there but MES which is only using langauge as an issue does not really help in providing people what they really want like development and infrastructure.
    I am not here to say that we are right or superior But I am only asking you enthusiastic youth here to join us in our triade to build this town as a investment destination, a better place to live symbiotically.
    Our activities for development are well planned and at the rural level our activists are busy in improving the living conditions of their neighbourhood, I strongly believe India can only be great if our living conditions in our neighbourhood imporves and then your city/tauka/state/country….
    Our activists at the micro level(Gram panchayats) have utilized the Right to information act effectively and wherever we have presence We see that Gram panchayats and their members are trying to be accountable. then we ask them to fight for roads, water, buses, education and other civic amenities. If every village in our district is well connected by road, electricity, communications and good civic ammenities this will really improve the region in terms of trade, transportation, education and qaulity of life.
    KRV has been responsible to get more than 30 schools,
    We are responsible to get better bus connectivity in 8 talukas to help students to go study at taluka centres & we have helped NWKRTC to optimize theier routes for better collection.
    Who got the IT park?, it was us….
    The Vidhana soudha, winter session?? it was our effort… Vidhana soudha construction gives employment opportunities?? Do you know its being built by a pune based company which has a good track record and owned by a Maharastrian but we dont oppose to that coz I feel when someone can deliver a good product or service we should not look for unnecessary things like language/religion/state.
    our latest gift to the student community of belgaum district was the university… Do you guys know which influential politician was agianst this?? but we dared them, took it up as a challenge and got it…
    We are parallely pressurizing the government on other issues like proper utiliztion of 100 crores, so that fund goes on important infrastructure like over bridges, under passes, parks and playgrounds, greenzones, The ring road is something which we are still trying…
    We are trying to convince the goverment to allow private players to supply power to the foundry cluster of belgaum and Small scale industries association so that they are not effected by power crisis and our industrial production is optimum.
    The Third party sale of power to industries in our district is an important issue and what are institutions like Chamber of commerce or other industrial associations doing??? nothing at all

  3. Seems these politicians want responsible citizens to fight amongst ourselves.
    (as most of us are debating unnecessarily again and again on these issues)

    Hey Wake up guys there are other things to deal with Welfare, Poverty, unemployment, Health, power supply etc etc..
    Nothing is gonna happen whether you call our Sweet home town as Belgaum/Belgaon/Belgavi.
    Remember 3rd person always gets benefitted when there is a fight between two and the same is hapenning here.
    Both the languages have got a rich culture and have historic importance in our City as is evident from History of india.Please don't criticize the culture of either languages.

  4. Its pretty simple…..
    Just conduct the elections again…..!

    Well, there is a news in a local evening tabloid here in Bangalore about the issue..
    It says some of the palike members were busy in talks with some Congress & JD(s) leaders..
    It seems that the members are being lured by parties like BJP, Congress & JD(s) to join their respective parties. The fight for BBMP is over, results are yet to be announced. Meanwhile the parties are eying upon the second capital of the state. Speculations are high that some of the MES leaders fed up with party affairs in Belgaum would be joing BJP soon….. May be the next corporation elections in Belgaum would be fought between major political parties…

  5. Mr. Dinesh,

    I appreciate your concern …. Even I m proud to be an Indian first,… But, when it comes to my motherland (Belagavi) m more concerned about it……..

    Just tell me who started hating belgaum and belgaumites first…. MES or KRV? ….. whether you marathi people were not living a happy and peacefull life here from past 50 years.. I have many marathi friends at belagavi who are happy to be in karnataka…..

    As the Newtons law says " To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction" , the same law applies here in Belagavi……..Thats why KRV came into existance… and by the way ….. KRV activists includes youths form respectable families like Topannavar, highly Professionals and Students…….

    Wake up…. wake up… still you have time…………. Leave all these things and learn to respect the people and place where you live.

    Sirigannadam Gelge,
    Jai Karnataka

    • Mindsets you peoplr like you and offcourse include MES and KRV encouraged british to use "Divide and Rule" policy.

  6. Dear all,

    I dont support any marathi goonism. however are kannadigas doing respectable thing.

    People like Mr Mahant, Nagesh B introspect yourself, your language. By spilting ill words your proving that all you have is hatred. How different are you from Bal Thakre OR MES ?

    Have you ever checked the background of KRV activists. These are unemployed youths who are exploied by politians. Be responsible enough.

    When your are outside India do you identify yourself ? as Indian or as Kannadiga/Marathi ?
    Better be proud in being Indian.
    Dont humilate you motherland. Your Indian, dont break it.

    • Hi Dinesh

      Well , hope you know everything, who started splitting first. n I am not Mahatma Gandhi to sit n watch everything calm,,, what about the background of MES ? all are they SAACHA's ? questionig each other doesnt make sense.

      Anyways, thanks for ur concern. and I always beleieved in united India. Thanks for reminding once again.

  7. Why cant these "people representatives" leave any issue unintervened? Why cant they conduct an election in its spirit. There was no need for such unruly behaviour. Get the nominations- conduct voting- declare winner this is how an election is conducted isn't it? These guys (administrators, PRs, councillors irrespective of linguistic groups) have made CCB a gutter- all sludgy, all stink.

  8. Why don't u ALL (ALL MEANS ALL) don't understand….40 out of 58 are against (marathis, kannadites, urdu people also) ….Do u really know what does 40 against out of 58 it means???? Just think how and why this happened that also ALL of a sudden….

    Come on Belgaumites…have some grown-up & matured thoughts…..we will fight like this …these politicains wants us to bind us in such issues only….

    This was all done for "Belgaum Political League – 100 Crore Package"…AND now the winner of Kaun Banega CrorePati is the Self-Declared Mayor Nirwani….

  9. Hi MES,

    I have a question, whether you or your bala thakre allow or support a north indian(Non resident Mumbai) to rule on Mumbai mahanagara palika or?

    If your answer is yes ( I know its always no)…….i have a favourable reply against you….

    There is a rule kannadigas made in Karnataka…..and we are following that…


    • Go and sit in your any other part of karnataka ,,, this is a marathi territoryand we will never tolerate people like u in this territory. it was a mistake done by the STATE reorganisation act in 1956 which putour Belgaon in karnatak and you people are ruining our land. by doin the kannad var vanta. we will fight rill our deathand there are crores of MAharashtrains to support us. thank u

  10. Yes bro thats true….Those suspended women are members of mahanagar palike…. These uncultured marathi people dont know how to behave in assembly's… such uncultured people should be banned permanently…..

    • The people protesting were from also the Kannad group and the Urdu group. Faces seen in the photo have all them 40 out of 58.

    • The people protesting were from also the Kannada group and the Urdu group. Faces seen in the photo have all them 40 out of 58.

    • Uncultured marathi people!!!! – Well the marathi culture was ruling from Attuck to Cuttuck at one point of time. In the present era we need monarchy like the one lead by the great Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

      • well well, do you know that kannadigas rules 3/4 of today's india? the whole of mah was ruled by kannadigas, but the whole of kar was never ruled by maratis. i can infer from nagesh's post, he meant – uncultured marathis in assembly who threw chappalis, not that he meant all maratis are uncultured.

        coming back to issue.. i dont know why mah behaves like a constipated person.. i has tried every possible dirty trick to harm the interests of karnataka.. from belagavi to correcting (not renaming) kannada cities to flooding belagavi jille excess water. when mah govt used money and political willpower (not to forget the abusive words used by its politicians) to make a marati a mayor for all these years, we kannadigas watched silently not knowing whats going on behind the scenes. now that everything is apparent, its only a matter of self respect for kannadigas to fight for our own rights in our land.

        the mayor election was fair on grounds of legality.. only jealous and intolerants can protest against it.

        • kanadigas rule 3/4 of todays India, ha ha joke of the day. In Google just type Maratha Kingdom & try to see the map it shows the map of Maratha Empire which happens to be 50 % of todays India geographically. Well good that you have come for the rescue of your friend Nagesh as in future he needs to be very careful with his words & just should not say these uncultured Marathi people.

  11. Five of those who showed foot wear to newly elected mayor are suspended,,, is it true ?

    If true then its a good decision… they should learn by this " behaving like kids in Palike makes them to pay lot " 🙂

    • My personal message to mahant. i just feel pity on him. because as the govt is looking into the belgaon issue which is in supreme court. it is clear that this terrotery will go in our maharashtra's favour. I would like to see his small face then. Mr mahant we have not forgotten the injustice done to the d.ED STUDENTS IN BELGAON. JAI MAHARASHTRA

      • Your comment is like how Pakistan ask for Kashmir, is it? Try to fight for that not for nonsense things…Be Indian wherever you are and respect all the states if you are true Indian..

    • well its very difficult to say whether Mr. Abhay Patil is making a mistake of supporting Nirwani or not, one thing is for sure, the corporation's contribution towards the development of the city has been nil. Whatever contributions are there are because of either the MLAs or the DC. Our corporation is only a MESS and MES both being synonym.


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