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50 persons fined in Cantonment for not wearing helmet

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The wearing of helmets is compulsory in Belagavi city but in the Cantonment area it was seen that the rule was not implemented especially in areas like Officers mess.

Brig Govind Kalvad in the last board meeting had asked the Military police to seek help of the traffic police and ensure that people not wearing helmets are fined.

The main aim of this drive is to make sure each one wears a helmet, the Brig Govind said.

As many 50 persons were fined on Wednesday near Officers mess for not wearing helmet by the Traffic police along with the help of the Military police.

Corps of Military Police (CMP) is the military police of the Indian Army. In addition, the CMP is trained to handle prisoners of war and to regulate traffic.

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  1. People and specially girls easily ride triple seat near rpd and the camera never watched them.. payed 800for my helmet… Why don’t you fine them 1000rupees if there a camera still you don’t catch those sluts


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