50 Most Popular Houses by Arch Daily features house from Belagavi designed by Anahata Studio

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The worlds leading website on Architecture in its recent article 50 Most Popular Houses has listed two entries from India and one from that is from Belagavi.

The Padival House / Anahata has been designed by Puneeth Hegde, Mithila Manolkar of Anahata Studio Belagavi.

From the architect- A young couple and their 2 children, originally from Mangalore, a coastal city of south India, approached us to design their home. The brief was to build a clean modern contemporary house. Padival house is a private dwelling located in the south of Belgaum in a gridiron neighborhood with the streets running north-south. The site is rectangular, west facing with an 80 feet major road.



In Mangalore, the courtyard was an integral part of a traditional house. We chose to vividly reflect the memories of a courtyard, readapting the vernacular typology to a house in an urban context. The program is organized into spatial compartments around the courtyard based on the function they are designed to serve. Each of these compartments further evolves into primordial geometric masses. The idea was to create a more pure form of architecture – of architecture stripped of its non-essentials, reduced only to its basic elements and the feelings that the space itself evokes.


anhata studioThe house is an abstract composition of masses responding to the west sun. The sharp shadows move as the day progresses giving life to the facade. The compound wall is designed to resemble a fabric, very light and absent keeping the composition undisturbed. The house attempts to stand as a piece of art.

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