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6 arrested for selling ganja

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As many as six persons selling Ganja were arrested by the CEN (Cyber Economic Narcotic) cell and CCIB on Friday in two different incidents in the city.

Five persons were apprehended by the police near Gang wadi and 1.4 KG ganja was seized from the accused.
Modin Attar, Tabrez Andewale, Chetan Shinde, Mohd Yasin Attar, Mohd Aatiq Mulla aged between 17-30 years were arrested.

In another incident near the old Vegetable market, the CCIB one person named Anwar Jawad was arrested for selling Ganja.

598 grams of Ganja was recovered from him.


9 thoughts on “6 arrested for selling ganja”

  1. Historically Weed was never illegal in India. Shiv Bhakts always had it. It been medically used in Ayurveda and for recreational activity. It was during our in competent PM Rajiv Gandhi who brought it under banned drugs under UN ratification. Have you ever heard that some was quarrel or fight under influence of ganja…? Never.., in fact it relaxes and helps in concentration and improves diet. West is already adapting it for chemo. Fxxk with arcade laws. Legalize weed. Bam bam bhole

  2. I am surprised at the comments.
    Some facts, Britishers never banned ganja or it derivative bhang. Because it associates with Hindu faith and traditions. As a shiv and Krishna bhakt I am entitled to consume it as devote and gateway to enlightenment. Still lots of shadus do it with impunity. Ganja and bhang is common in Holi, it’s sold open in matura till date. Policy have no guts to shut it in mathura. If some religions have practice of polygamy. I have right to consume ganja. It’s only the Congi government in 1980a who banned it. Congi has history of hurting only Hindus. But cannot ban polygamy and triple Tilak.

  3. If Tobacco and alcohol are legal why not ganja? If fact Tobacco and Booz are more harmful than ganja. Did any government did scientific studies effects of ganja? Are there any white papers and publications? Only because UNited statesman Senate banned it and asked UN to classify as banned. India followed the suite and ratified it as banned. Thanks to dump Parsi pm rajiv ghandi

  4. I think you have read too much about weed on internet…
    And I hope you and your family are not into consuming ganja for relaxation and concentration in the name of God.
    Let better sense prevail.
    God Bless

  5. Replying, CA VINAYAK ASUNDI. why going personal ? argue with facts. Did govt did any research or had any data or analytics before banning it? its none. Does it cause cancer or incites violence? its again none. It was banned because Americans exerted pressure on then PM rajiv gandhi and he obliged in 1985. Now Americans have legalized it. then why cant india trail them again?. Before 1985 its was used in spiritual meditations and Ayurvedic medicine, after ban its most sought after. Before ban no one cared about it. current scenario is artificially created. who is responsible? Go to Shegaon and get blessing of Gajanan Maharaj.

    Just imagine what if tomorrow, govt bans sugar? since its responsible for diabetics which is killing nearly 1 million Indians every year. Think.

  6. Gov should have restrictions on growing sugar cane coz farmers who have their fields close to rivers enjoy the free use of water when compared to the farmers dwelling in rough terrain.
    But this who enjoy the life growing the cash crop gets all the benefits be it medical easy loans long hours electricity road connectivity and most of the gov schemes .now just waiting for the gov to declare some relief package for the sugar industry and simultaneously approve some more sugar factoriesfor our beloved MLAS / CORPORATORS OR even a surpanch who very easily get loans now days


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