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6 criminals externed from Belagavi

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The Deputy Commissioner (L&O) of Police Belagavi City has externed (tadipaar) as many as six people who have been accused of Matka, illegal alcohol, gambling, etc.

Five persons, who were involved in the unlawful Matka, gambling, ganja, and illicit alcohol businesses were deported from Belagavi on Thursday. Out of the six, one is evading capture.

DCP Law and Order, Special Executive Magistrate Ravindra Gadadi issued the said order.

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Mohammad Shafi Modinsaab Tashildar (age 68, resident of Khanjar Galli)

Ijaj Ahmed Mohammed Isak Nesrikar (age 48, resident of Khanjar Galli

Johnny Jaipal Londhe (age 36, resident of Gangwadi)

Bairgowda Jotiba Patil (age 45, resident of Patil Galli, Kanbargi)

Nitin Pandurang Pednekar (age 50, resident of Khadebazar Shahapur)

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