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Is it time to restart the SaveIXG campaign?

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In May 2018, Spicejet Airlines discontinued its 5 services to Belagavi and redirected them to Hubbali. Now, something similar is happening, as the airline will stop all routes from Belagavi starting December 10 due to operational issues.

When all the SpiceJet flights got diverted and we the people in Belagavi started showing a lot of resentment over it, but this criticism raised some strength, in understating to take this battle to next level, the battle to mass and the political class where it needs to be heard rightly and hit strongly.

From December 10, only Indigo and StarAir would be operating from Belagavi and would be connecting to

Surat, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Mumbai, Nagpur, Indore & Tirupati- StarAir

Hyderabad, Bengaluru(2) – IndiGo

This campaign was the much-needed spark to ignite the fire among we Belagaviites and went on to the next level and it was also headed using a social network platform.

In 2018, The SaveIXG Campaign was launched, and then really the Forum of the Board of Associations came in and pitched about Belagavi due to which many new flights including UDAN scheme were allotted to Belagavi.


Belagavi constitutes a very large cosmopolitan crowd of Defense establishments and the business establishment here have a niche identity in hydraulics and engineering products and not the least the educational institutions and medical world-class facilities which need air connectivity.

With hyper-growth in the aviation sector, the drop in flights at IXG is not a welcome sign. We the citizens will have to get this matter heard by the higher authorities and if in reality, the Aam nagrik has to fly we must have sufficient flights to preferred destinations.

SaveIXG team is currently working behind the scenes and making this fact noted to the ministry and all the officials involved including the airline operators, IXG should be a preferred destination in the times to come.

How you can join the #SaveIXG campaign

Simple be it Facebook or Twitter use the #SaveIXG and mention your concern.

You can also tag the following people on Twitter who are concerned with the aviation sector and ministry.

2 thoughts on “Is it time to restart the SaveIXG campaign?”

  1. Definitely we must join the campaign to save IXG, For the information we working in gulf countries the flights from spice Jet were a boon. I always book Spice jet from Dubai (DXB) to IXG (Belagavi) it was convenient travelling. My vacation is nearing and I am worried.

  2. The ticket prices are out of reach for middle class. I don’t mind losing all flights and airport getting closed or getting converted to a marriage hall. We cannot afford the flight prices anyway.


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