684 bottles of Goa made liquor were seized in Khanapur

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Around 684 bottles of liquor of various brands that were made in Goa were seized by the Excise department at the Kankumbi Check post from a bus.

The liquor was being illegally transported was seized by the excise department along with the AC bus.

While inspecting a bus near Kankumbi check post in Khanapur taluka of Belagavi district Excise Inspector Sub-Division, Investigation Department officials and staff, Goa-made liquor was found in a vehicle. The illegally transported liquor has been seized by the excise department and the accused have been arrested.

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About 513 liters of various makes of Goa-made liquor licensed for sale in the state of Goa alone were seized. During the operation, 684 bottles of liquor were seized. The excise department came to know that the liquor was illegally sold on the internet.

Dilip Kumar M. (Age 33, resident of Edlapalli Mandal, Tal. Sundur, Dist. Guntur, State Andhra Pradesh), Gundappa Nene (age 42, resident of Angalakuduru, Mandal, Tal. Tenali, State Andhra Pradesh)

Dr. Y. Manjunath (Excise Extraordinary Commissioner Center, Belagavi), Jayaramegaud (Excise, Deputy Commissioner, Belagavi South), Changaud S. The case has been filed by Excise Inspector Manjunath Galgali under the guidance of Patil (Deputy Superintendent of Excise, Belagavi Sub-Division) Kankumbi Excise Investigation Inspector S. M. Priest, b. A. Pangeri, Sunil Patil, M. F. Katgennwar, b. S. Atigal, A. Income. Syed and other colleagues took part in the operation.

The value of the vehicles and items seized during the operation was Rs 19,75,080.

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  1. We as one country, we should one law and tax system (for all items) and these state Excise jokers should relived from their duties. If there are no parities in excise taxes across states, these things are bound to happen.

    Karnataka should allow to bring in liquor form Goa or any other states for personal consumption. (like max 2 bottles per person inline like international travels). Commercial and bulk transport should fall under excise slabs

    Also there should be option to declare and pay the excise tax at in all check points (never happens)
    Instead these excise inspectors confiscate bottles without giving any acknowledgement receipt of confiscation. Thus illegally pocketing cores of rupees worth alcohol at border check posts.

    Tips on how to deal with these excise jokers.
    1) Never take sealed bottle when border crossing, Break the seal empty it a little.
    (unsealed bottles are not resale able, so if confiscated its of less or no commercial value)
    2) Take liquor in water bottle, throw away the original packing.
    3) Another example : take transparent liquor like vodka in bisleri water bottle or Run on coke/pepsi bottle.
    4) Take a train form goa to Karnataka, Excise people cannot stop train to check all bags.
    5) Not preferred option : contaminate alcohol (use your imagination) in original packing, Convey excise official that you shall not handover bottle, rather empty the contains on road/toliet. I bet they will not agree. Good if they agree or they themselves destroyed it. If not, and its resold illegally.. then some one will get sick and blame will come to excise officials who sold it illegally.

  2. The points are invalid.

    The vodka bottle will be the first thing they will catch in bisleri.

    If you go by train the cops are waiting on the station for trains comming from goa to check your bags and yes they will put it in the scanner and get it checked.

    If you break the seal and show them they will still penalise you for it.

  3. Andhra Pradesh state government rised exise duty to a higher level where a normal person cannot drink. Government says it rised duty to discourage alcohol consumption.But it never happened in per some surveys alcohol consumption in Gujarat which we know as dry State from independence era.
    In this case also bootleggers are Andhra Pradesh who trying to cash on government indecision.I believe chances of they were caught once in 1000 times..So government should allow public to purchase from any where once they paid tax.

  4. Bulk quantity illegally bringing of liquor is an offence no doubt,but liquor 2 Nos for personal consumption brought from Goa shall be permitted without any permit. because by bringing 2 nos of Bottle from Goa no body is earning lakhs of rupees by selling it, nor he will built a big bunglow.

  5. in India most of people living in below poverty line to earn and survival of their families they had to work hard so they are consuming liquor, secondly other category of people taking liquor because they are having big salary/income. through out India common rule and MRP had to be made which nobody can go goa and bring liquor.


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