7.2 crore development plan for Kote Kere under smart city

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The Belagavi smart city limited has floated tenders for the development of Kote Kere (Fort Lake) in Phase 1 and 2.


Rs. 4,50,04,000/-

MS Gate, Guard And Store Room, Gazebo, Kiosk, Ghat, Jetty, Hardscape Works, Under Ground Sump Works, Tubular Truss Works, Benches, Dust Bins, Retroreflective Sign Boards, Irrigation System And External Electrification, Internal Electrification For Kiosks, Store And Guard Room Etc


Rs. 2,70,26,000/-

Water Fall And Cascade, Toilet Block, Landscape/Horticulture Works, Public Health Engineering Works And Lighting & Electrical Works For Water Fall And Cascade, Lighting & Electrical Works For Toilet Block, Etc

Time Frame: 9 Months from the issue of work order

belagavi fort lake
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7 thoughts on “7.2 crore development plan for Kote Kere under smart city”

  1. The roads n sweage were pathetic when I visited the last time. The garbage thrown anywhere no proper system. The garbage collectors appointed by the municipal are rude n argues ( the one who picks in my area) when questioned. We don’t have a forum to complain about any such issues. People littering any where yak that’s so disgusting no public toilets build . No systematically drainage nor plantation across the street no pedestrians build please first concentrate on the existing then future would be better.

  2. Total waste of hard earned public money taken as tax
    All waste, only contractors and officers will be benefited after 3 or max 6 months these all stops working or not being used only they want to utilise fund and just use it with lowest quality materials and bewakuf public will just witness the play after all this is india

  3. Existing works are incomplete and newuworks render proceeds what about quality of the work
    Rather spending on the beautification of lakes please concentrate on improving the drainage system and widening of gutters
    due to heavy rains water logging during heavy rains which caused huge monetary losses first complete the Congress road
    No proper planning and e execution of work
    Poor construction quality there is no proper levels maintained unevenly concrete
    Structures what are the engineers and officials doing

  4. What kind of smart city you people are planning ,just see the condition of roads”Samajh mein nahi aata road mein khadda hai ya khadde mein road” ??
    Hopeless,no signals, no bus stops , Such a SHAME.

  5. I’m a Belgaoite. Belgao can only become a smart city if people are made to behave smartly. Except the MLI camp area, which is anyway not managed by Belgao Municipal Corporation, the rest of the city needs to be taught a lesson in cleanliness and orderliness .Littering at will , spitting everywhere has to be penalized. Most of the works at beautification are left half done ( example Congress road). Dumping of garbage is a daily pastime and leaving it as it is, is a habitual matter (example the spot opposite Amba Bhuvan leading to Anupam Hotel), the road to the Railway Station from there has no Maibaap. These are some small things which everyone notices except the authorities thus wasting taxpayer’s money so easily gifted to them.

  6. Please don’t spend money on beautification of the City, the existing condition of lake is fine for now, If needed just construct two/three Toilets

    Spend money in building more Public Toilets / Good Quality Roads / Drainage System / Reevaluate the other lakes which dry up in summer.

    Request not to spend hard earned money on such beautification things.


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