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Are we trampling our sensibilities, culture, customs and traditions?

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By Praveen Kulkarni

The Ganesh visarjan process which should happen on the day of Anant Chaturdashi overflows into the afternoon/evening of the next day. This happens every year, year after year, perennially, perpetually.

Some Ganesh mandals begin their procession after midnight. Our youngsters, in big numbers, take pride in the indecent and immoral display of music, money, crackers, tobacco, liquor, and God alone knows what other things. Cabaret songs/music, deafening levels of volume, gyrating and sleaze/indecent dance movements. . . all this during Ganesh Chaturthi/Anant Chaturdashi processions?

We see the same scene during Shiv Jayanti processions and many other religious and dharmic occasions. At other times, we say GARV SE KAHO HUM HINDU HAIN!! Should we, as Hindus be proud of such behavior? Is this Hindu tradition? Is this what our ancestors have taught us? Have we ever known of such customs in our history? The world is learning Hinduism from us. Is this what we project as part of Hindu tradition?

Do we realize the repercussions of such celebration on different limbs of the society that we live in? There are children studying in not just someone else’s home, but our own house too. Infants and toddlers are petrified by the sound emanating from the music systems arranged in varying layers atop vehicles. Senior and super seniors are a part of almost every family . . . have we spared a thought for these silent sufferers of our celebrations? Have our sensibilities and sense of humanity and social responsibility divorced us?

We blame the Government machinery for its inaction. Whether it is the Police, the Municipal Corporation, the Electricity Board or whichever arm of the administration, are we not adding to their already unmanageable workload and operational difficulties?

We demand speeding up of smart city projects. It is our absolute constitutional right to demand amenities and facilities and infrastructure as honest taxpayers, no doubt.

ganesh-visarjanWhy/how do we conveniently overlook that it is also our duty to be, become and behave as smart people, living in a smart way and grow as a smart society?

In a family function or a social get-together, each one is free to play, dance and enjoy cabarets and any kind of behavior. . . but why do that in God’s name ???

With the kind of religious fervor that is displayed in the society, a few uncomfortable questions come and keep coming to our minds . . . again and again

Are we making our elders, parents, and forefathers happy and proud of this kind of behavior?

Is this how we value the legacies of Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and other religious and social reformers?

Would they endorse and/or be proud of what we are doing under their name

Are we setting a model example for our children and future generations to follow?

If our children were to do the same thing, would we like/endorse such behavior?

Is this the way our society is going to progress?

Where is all this going to take us?

I know very well that I am a minuscule minority in this regard. I know I may be labeled anti-social, ati-shahana, old-fasihoned and outdated. I also know this will not make any difference to those celebrating such occasions. I have just vented out my pain and agony. . . a stupid common man that I am.

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13 thoughts on “Are we trampling our sensibilities, culture, customs and traditions?”

  1. True Sir you may be called labeled anti-social, ati-shahana, old-fasihoned and outdated but congratulations for you could speak out, there are many others( including myself) who have the same pain and agony but cannot speak out.
    I dont know how our shraddha and bhakti is related to loud dolbies and crackers??

  2. Great blog. Have to say firstly that modi is blind when it comes to thier mla and Mo’s buying lands and we only talk about dk shivkumar questioned by IT department but time will come even this people will suffer.. cutting trees and damaging the environment.. secondly modi is blind when it comes to ban gutka.. you talk about swacch Bharat but the main reason is still alive which is gutka people throwing thier waste In front of others house.. taking those dog out for a walk and releasing thier shit in front of others house.. this was about modi but taking about saving our culture then its hard to tell the youth over here.. call them spoiled youth.. all they want now is DJ.. Bob Marley cap and tight 3/4th .. spit on front of the idols.. drink and enjoy.. bring plaster Ganesh idols and while visarjan keep your foot on the same God idol to drown it down.. wow.. that’s how to savour the culture instead of using DHOL and Tasha loudly.. I want my culture like use shop and Tasha kind of stuff loudly and let every one learn our culture…. But it’s hard to teach them…

  3. Sir you are rite in the name if God this is not good really very good thinking like your view really very interesting and inspiring thinking specifically for the youth ???

  4. Hi, this is a kind of article I expect always from you guys. Bro, you have today made me feel so proud ,reinstated my belief in the fact that my Hindu friends have always been more smart,outspoken,well read, sensible ,sensitive and tolerant. Thank you for bringing notice to such a sensitive matter sensibly.

  5. Nicely penned
    I believe its not restricted to one religion its everywhere, barbarism (as I would call it) in the name of religion.
    In today’s times apart from venting out our anger and fears in articles and comments there is nothing much the common man can do.

  6. No Sir you are not alone, I am also with you.
    Instead of loud music with DJ and dolby , a good bhajan by the devotees , some moderate music. The feeling of bhakti is nowadays replaced with showoff.
    I am not a liberal hindu, and I expect same from the azaan loudspeakers 5 times a day.

  7. Rightly said Sir.
    Any procession for that matter has been an occasion for the today youth for commotion and self enjoyment.
    Even the procession arrangers have forgotten that such processions are also for viewers to enjoy with family.

  8. Praveen Kulkarni – very well written. Very right of you to question this evil affecting our insensitive society in this age. Hope more people can relate to this and hopefully we can see these activities curbed in the future.

  9. Very well agree Mr Praveen Kulkarni,

    Hope you write a article in the same way for which we get to hear 5-6 times a day from loud speakers through the year 🙂

    Thank you

  10. I don’t know , where to go and hit my head.

    Earlier only men shameless drunk ,danced in heavy metal DJ.

    Unfortunately even ladies ,are draged into this maddness of coming out and dancing in heavy Metal music.
    Young girls , auntie’s , I personally saw.

    Now ,how much more degradation is expected

  11. @Mahantesh, indirectly u point out to Azaan which is just not acceptable please don’t be the one to take up to controversy. Here, Praveen is speaking about the culture, customs and traditions. God only needs a devotion that dedication and a clean heart (go for bhajaans do it peacefully). He doesn’t like or need DJ, drunkens or show off that’s all man-made.And about Azaan, Azaan is 5 times a day (5-10minutes at max it takes for a call). English translation to Azaan-

    God is Great! God is Great! God is Great! God is Great!
    I bear witness that there is no god except the One God.
    I bear witness that there is no god except the One God.
    I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God.(this is to aware people that Muhammad is just messenger not God )
    I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God.
    Prayer is better than sleep. Prayer is better than sleep.
    Hurry to the prayer. Hurry to the prayer.
    Hurry to salvation. Hurry to salvation.
    God is Great! God is Great!
    There is no god except the One God.

    The way u have put up your comment show’s hatred. Please, don’t do so. Have a clean heart and respect every religion. Get that dirt out of ur mind.

  12. Appreciate the author to have said the bare truth which unfortunately everyone is glossing over. This has given a sense of tacit approval for people indulging in such revelry. i think the educated and cultured masses today need to question such degeneration of festival celebrations, ostentatious display of money power and taking a false sense of pride by indulging in acts which dont set a good precedent.

    BTW the author should be now ready to be called as “Anti – ………”, “Anti- ……….” and be tutored about nuisances from people of other religious background and be questioned about his “selective silence”.


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