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More than 7 cars burnt in Jadhav Nagar

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As many as 9 cars were set on fire by unidentified persons at Jadhav Nagar Belagavi. Cars parked on the road side near the apartment were set on fire at around 3 AM on Wednesday.

It was a shocking site for the residents of Jadhav nagar when they saw flames on the road around 3 AM and then they realized that cars parked on the road were on fire and not one but around 9 cars (as per the residents) were burnt.

car-burnt2The exact reason behind the burning the cars is not known and the police are investigating the matter. Residents say this may have been done on purpose by some miscreants.

Police and fire brigade had arrived and doused the burning cars.

The residents of the area in a state of shock after the incident.

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