730 traffic violators get Challans home delivered

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After the Traffic management centre was launched at the Traffic South Police station premises as many as 730 traffic violation notices were issued as on today with a daily average being 200 challans.

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About 90 high definition close circuit cameras have been installed at various to traffic signals in city, so the traffic police can now see the violations of traffic rules at any part of city just sitting in one room and even control traffic problems.

traffic fine
Payment receipt
traffic fine

The operator can give directions to the field traffic police or even to the citizens through the loudspeaker which have been installed at signals. You may call it “Dev Vani” but yes the DEV is looking at you and a total of 10 computers and 16 staff will be on duty in Two shifts to manage this traffic Management center.

The traffic violator gets the notice home delivered and is given 7 days of time to pay the fine at the Traffic management centre only where he is issued a receipt for the same and the said case is closed.

Most of the violations have been non wearing of helmets, no parking.

So beware you are being watched, just dont ride away who will see me, there are 90 eyes overlooking to catch you.

10 thoughts on “730 traffic violators get Challans home delivered”

  1. How to check weather one has got challen, many ppl changes houses without updating their new address in the RTO…

  2. What if your friend or employee is riding the vehicle which is registered in your name and address. You get the notice for his violation. You are in trouble for no mistake of yours……

  3. Let us accept & follow the rules for a better Traffic free Belgaum city.
    Good initiative by Belgaum Traffic Police.
    Please consider More solutions for Parking & overspeeding too with Experts.

  4. Really a good step taken by police department,now this is what govt mean by saying smart city,we the people of belgavi need to follow the traffic rules for both reason safety as well as to prove our city smart.


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