77 percent solar eclipse in Belgaum


love dale belagavi

sonali sarnobat belagavi

The moon passes between the Sun and the Earth creating a wonder-sight the solar eclipse. This will be 77% visible in Belgaum.

Eclipse beings at 11.10 am and will end at 3.10pm.

Weather is cloudy and overcast and met dept. forecasts cloudy with lightrain. This is not good news for Belgaumites. Pray that this clears and we get to see the eclipse.

Solar filters are recommended in terms of optical density for safe viewing.

Avoid unsafe filters such as crossed Polaroid sheets, color film, dye-based black-and-white film, magnetic floppy disk medium or compact discs, non optical grade aluminized mylar (wrappers), or smoked glass.

Trinity Belagavi



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