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8 students from Maratha Mandal Belagavi drown on Malvan beach

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In a shocking incident 8 students have been drowned at the Malvan beach, three are girls and 5 are boys.

About 40 students from Maratha mandal Engineering college had been to Malvan for a picnic where they were swimming on Wayri beach, Malwan where this untoward incident happened and the local police have confirmed that 11 were swimming and 3 persons were saved by the locals but 8 have drowned.
Shortly after reaching here, the students, allegedly ignoring warnings by locals of strong current, ventured into the sea and were soon washed away into deep waters.

Names of the deceased:
Majumin Hanikar
Kiran Khandekar
Aarti Chavan
Avdhoot Tahshildar
Nitin Mutnadkar
Karuna Berde
Maya Kolhe
Mahesh Kujdarkar

names of injured: Sanket Gadvi, Anita Hanali, Akansha Ghatge

0 thoughts on “8 students from Maratha Mandal Belagavi drown on Malvan beach”

  1. This is very sad news, every year this type incident happens.. People not learnt from that, Today we lossed 8 futures of our city, RIP and condolence to there families.

  2. Every year there is a story of students drowning in Malvan , please don’t go to these beaches , they aren’t safe , no life guards , help will only come after tragedy. Boycott Malvan

  3. Apr 15, 2017 at 2:13 PM
    Very sad incidence, may their soul rest in eternal peace. Our condolances with griefed families.

  4. Very sad govt should have life guards and people should enter the sea only after being sure it’s safe also Maalwaan is a beautiful place govt should develop these beaches.

  5. It is a real bad news to read..My deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. But if it was a college picnic all safety measures like life guards and life jackets had to be provided to students entering into water.. may all their solus rest in peace

  6. v sad news , hope the mindset of young must change towards safety n to obey rules.
    warnings …ignorance n callosness of every day life on road or at sea or at rly gate leads to all such incidents….what a loss to fmly ….n nation….the youth that too ftr engineers is a gt loss….deepest condolences……

  7. Ignoring local people’s warning and daring…Very unfortunate ….Malwan may be having natural strong currents….LESSON for future…Om shanti..RIP ??

  8. Condolences to their Families.
    The College should have Sent a responsible person apart from students who can at least be there to prevent them from such Dangerous activities & guide them.
    Lets all learn a Lesson from this & always verify with Schools/Colleges for any Guardian person is provided with students going out for picnics/tours.

  9. A very unfortunate incident that took the lives of eight students. May God grant them eternal rest. Condolences to the bereaved families.

  10. There are no sign boards about high energy zones or too current zones as they are @ Goa. Students need to be careful when they go to any unknown beaches. Teachers are also shouldn’t leave the students beyond certain limit (knee depth of water)…
    I’ve done research on Malvan Beaches for several years. Wayari beach is not very risky. But students were unaware of Spring tides owing to Full moon day couple of days back. Anyways people should take care in future & also the authority should ascertain sign boards at places where people visit most…RIP

  11. Extremely shocking incident. May their souls RIP. Let us all take lesson from this. Pay heed to warnings and be safe.

  12. Rip..One of my batch mates becoming a sir in Maratha mandals lost his live in under the bed of d sea(Mahesh Kudchkar)…Rip to the other students who lost their lives..
    Always listen to d elders…

  13. Unfortunate & Sad incidence, my heart goes out to all the family members of deceased, we have really lost lives of young ones for no reason. If you look at the native place they come from, must be role models of their respective villages. I hope & pray to god that he give strength to family of departed to overcome this unfortunate incidence and RIP for departed souls

  14. It’s very sad news, unable to digest. We should not take risk at unknown places specially water. May God give strength to their families. RIP.

  15. Our condolence to those who lost their children. Very sad to hear Belgaumites .pray for God to. Give strength to bear the brunt of untimely departed souls.

  16. I don’t know what is know with the our young generation. They have become so careless that their lives also holds no value. Its so disappointing to see them dying in such horrible way. Can’t imagine the pain their parents are going through ?

  17. I can’t imagine that the engg students lost their lives on picnic spot,
    Why this group not take a simple safety measures, and any other guide to instruct all the way….
    *Plan properly
    *Safety measures
    *Knowledge about place
    *Do not Over confidence
    *Hazards around the spot
    *First Aid and etc…

  18. This is very sad news. Life is very precious our young generation must learn from this.Every year there is a story of students drowning in Malvan , please don’t go to these beaches , they aren’t safe , no life guards. RIP

  19. ohh, very sad ,

    Maratha mandal’s management should take a necessary amendments in the rule of accommodation of outsiders students and also restrict them to live in Hostels itself at least up to 4th semester initially.

    Also College should take out their student on picnic etc. officially under the guidance of senior staff.

    I saw new comers / Freshers has lot of attraction towards Beach visit because beaches are nearer to this location only 4 hours Journey from BGM.

    When i were in college the similar accident was came to our knowledge , we lost one 1st sem student “Manish” in Goa.

    it is very sad news.


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