838 deaths have been reported in May

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In the month of May 2021 as per the records Health department of the Belagavi City corporation (for its limits) it has recorded 838 deaths alone. Which makes it 27 deaths per day, reports the Sakal daily.

However the department does not have any bifurcation as to how many are COVID and non covid.

The total number of deaths reported by the Belagavi city Corporation during the 14-month period of covid infection stands at 9,945.

The corporation does not have any information about the number of deaths due to COVID-19. Information on deaths from corona last year were being sent to the city corporation, but this year, the information is being sent directly to the district health department. Therefore, there is no separate death record for Covid and Non-Covid at present.

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As per the data of the official heath dept for COVID 191 deaths were reported in May 2021.

Upto June 8 this month already 104 COVID-19 deaths have been reported officially.

April 20200
December 20201
January 20210
February 20210
March 20212
April 202116
May 2021191
upto 8 June 2021104

In August last year, 1136 deaths were reported to theCorporation, while in September, 1672 deaths were reported. The health department also acknowledged that the death toll from the corona had risen in the past two months.

The number of deaths due to COVID was mostly reported from BIMS and other Private hospitals in Belagavi Corporation limits and hence this number is on a higher side.

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