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9 arrested in connection with attack on Whistle blower Jayanth Thinaikar

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Jayanth Thinaikar crusader against stamp paper kingpin Telgi that resulted in his arrest was attacked near Zad Shahpur on the outskirts of Belagavi on March 4.

In connection with the same police have now arrested 9 persons.

According to the police, the reason behind the attack is the piece of land in Khanapur which houses a club.


The accused are Laxman Shetty, Lokesh Kalburgi of Khanapur, Gangappa, Bharma of Markandey Nagar, Akhilesh Yadav, Sunil Divatagi, Manjunath Hosamani, Sachin Y, Ishwar Hubli.

Thinaikar has been claiming that property belongs to the Govt Laxman Shetty allegedly registered it in his name and built a club.

Thinaikar had sought information under RTI and even after telling the local authorities to take possession of the said land, he then approached the court.

A supari of 1.5 lakhs was paid to kill Thinaikar.

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