A Dog’s Story- which runs in the Daud

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by Sagar Hegde Photo: Mahesh Patil

Its been more than 6-7 years, I have been participating in Belagavi’s one of the most joyous celebration- “Durga Mata Daud”. Where thousands get together to run in the early morning hours, those who never see the rising sun see it in these 9 days as well.

But one particular thing which has been surprising me every year is the participation of this Dog. Dog! Yes, a Dog and this is very fascinating.

Who brings him to the starting point of Daud which is different all the days is unknown. Once the Daud is over (Endpoints are different daily) where it goes? who guides him? are all questions yet to be answered.

What amuses me more is the religious participation of this dog, without panicking with such a huge crowd around in every Daud.

The Dog is from Alwan Galli Shahpur owned by Pavan Kadam. The boys from the street who participate pick her up and take her to the venue.


No one calls the dog or guides, but without creating any ruckus the dog diligently follows the crowd. 

Some things are inexplicable in this world, one such thing I feel is the mysterious story of this Dog, which is now solved as the Dog’s owner has been identified.

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