A treat of Vintage cars

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Today Belgaumites got to see those wonderful machines of the yesteryears again moving on the road. This Vintage car rally and exhibition was organized by the Transport department under on the on going Traffic safety week. The Vintage vehicles have been kept at the RTO office near Trivinei hotel. A rally was also taken out and seeing these old beauties on the road was a pleasure.IMG 2792

Volkswagon 1969, Andre Citrown 1946, Mini Morris 1964, Impala 1962, Cheverlot Torer 1933, Caddilac, Ford 1934, Lambretta, Dodge 1937, Dodge 1956, Dodge 1926 were a few of the classics.

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  1. Its really nice when all these cars drive one behind the other on the road , esp on the road beginning of teh globe theatre road, the whole moment looks vintage. Must experience.!


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