ACB Raid on City Corporation official


love dale belagavi

Early morning the ACB(Anti Corruption Bureau) team led by Amarnath Reddy raided the house of Assistant Executive Engineer( Electrical) of City corporation Belagavi Kiran Subbarao. He is currently deputed to work for Belagavi smart city Ltd.

Simultaneous Raids are been conducted at his homes in Bhagya Nagar Belagavi, Begaluru, Sagar and Shivamoggga.


The detials are awaited as the raid is in progress at his house in Tilakwadi.

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  1. Two new 42 crores road projects floated, do we require such huge spending less worthy projects come on smart people.

  2. How come in every news of raid on officers, at least 4/5 places at different cities are named , whereas we hardly constructed one house and will end in the same house.

  3. I have to share my thoughts as that’s our SMART CCB is MADE officer MALA MALA. THANKS FOR THE POST.


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