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Belagavi ring Road project at DPR stage

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The Ring Road project for Belagavi is currently at the DPR stage, that is a detailed project report will be prepared and exact locations and route will be finalized.

The Belagavi Bypass (East) as it is called by NHAI will tentatively start from Km 9.500 (NH 4A) To Km 515.000 (NH 4) a stretch of 22 Km
Belagavi Bypass (West) from will start from Km 515.000 (NH 4) to Km 492.000 (NH 4) (New NH 48) (33 Km).


Unihorn India Private Ltd. has been awarded the tender to prepare the DPR in 9 months time.


1 thought on “Belagavi ring Road project at DPR stage”

  1. BELGAUM smart city everywhere road widening but corporation and cantonment forget to main road in the belgaum SANCHAYNI CIRCLE TO FISH MARKET CAMP ROAD widened first. all the way from globe to Petrol pump is very small road on both sides of the divider. Its a traffic hazard. they are making road in street area but they forget main road in the belgaum where traffic are more, I think because of political pressure. ramlingkhind galli, ramdev gali, very small small area where they are made master plan but y they are forget this road????? actual the road is required 120 feet because of current traffic in this road. but are political leaders are busy in collecting votes. work started from fish market to gogte circle but what about from fish market to sanchayni circle ???? the total cost of gogte circle to sanchayni circle is about 12.5 cr but Karnataka government has passed only 1.5 cr epx. they passed but y they are not providing the money for sanchayni circle to fish market road. actually machhe halga bypass ring road not required fist they have to make 120 ft road from dharmveer sambhaji circle to gogte circle on top urgent basis.
    kindly make 120 ft road from dharmveer sambhaji circle to gogte circle for smooth traffic and good development purpose.


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