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Ad boards/Flex are back in all circles where is the Ban?

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In November 2013, the city corporation had released a statement saying that no Advertisement hoardings of any nature be put at the following circles: Rani Chennamma Circle, Krishnadevraya Circle, Sangolli Rayana Circle, Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle, Basveshwar Circle. Display of Ad boards in the above mentioned circles is prohibited and anyone who is found not adhering to this will have to face punishment according to law.flex-bogarves

In December 2014, before the Assembly session after the Lokayukta order all such boards were removed but now again they re appear to disfigure the public places.

Any disfigurement of public place is an offense under the Karnataka Open places (Prevention of Disfigurement) act 1981, hence the commissioner has been instructed to strictly abide by said rules and see to it that no such unauthorized hoardings/Banners/Flex come up gain at public places.

Even electric poles and transformers have not been spared which is illegal and dangerous as well.

3 thoughts on “Ad boards/Flex are back in all circles where is the Ban?”

  1. Without delay they should be removed and fine should be imposed on them. Secondly WHAT HAPPENED TO ENCROACHMENT DRIVE ???? NO NEWS

  2. I Guess Demolition Man(Mr RaviKumar) has become lazy after his vacations because before that he was very much in working deligiently now he is attending International Kite Festival Hosted by Abhay Patil .

    i Guess the Encroachment done by Politicians will be left as it is without any action …Wake up Mr RaviKumar…

    See at the Hoarding who is laughing , he says (Prevention of Disfigurement) is only for public and poor man not for us (Politicians)


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