Adis Technologies wins at startups for innovation in animal husbandry, dairy sector


Start-up India along with the Department of Animal Husbandry announced the Animal Husbandry Start-up Grand challenge in Sep 2019. The challenge, launched by Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Mathura on 11th Sep last year, saw India’s most promising dairy start-ups participating in the challenge.

Adis Technologies Pvt Ltd, an innovative agri-tech start-up bagged 1st prize for solving the Problem Statement of Animal breeding Program.


A total of 157 entries were received and were scrutinized by Start-up India experts, AH Department experts, and shortlisted finalists then presented to a jury of Senior Officials.

The winners were congratulated by the Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairy, Shri Giriraj Singh through a Video Conferencing Ceremony on Friday, May 8th 2020 evening. MoS (Fisheries & AHD) Shri Sanjeev Kumar Balyan and Secretary (AHD) Shri Atul Chaturvedi were also present on the occasion.

The Challenge categorized the animal husbandry ecosystem issues into 6 categories. Adis Technologies Pvt Ltd, an innovative agri-tech start-up bagged 1st prize for solving the Problem Statement of Animal breeding Program. There were total of 40 finalists in this category fighting for the position. Apart from the prize money of 1.02cr for 12 startups, mentorship support, masterclasses, and Incubation support will also be provided to the winners as told by Joint Secretary Shri Mihir Singh Jee.

Adis Technologies Pvt Ltd is an agri-tech company that combines extension and technology to provide service support to the farmers by managing Pedigree records, health records and providing breeding assistance to improve their cattle breeds hence saving the farmers and their cattle from issues of cattle management in a scientific way, arising out of delay in addressing them timely.

All the is done through a simple smartphone app. With this technology, we will give a digital identity for all cattle for breed recognition and improvement. A stronger and resilient breed would strengthen our Indian livestock. Ease of use, scalability, and resilience of technology infrastructure for masses is our focus.

Adis Technologies belagavi award They are leveraging smartphones to generate Big data for cattle on the cloud with animal biometrics and facial recognition features connected to Cattle Management Tool & Centralised Database.

Making technology an efficient tool to Milk Forecasting

Remote veterinary services

Linking with fintech with ensuring cattle

Enabling farmers to increase their income

Rear desi cattle in situ by breed identifications.

About 70% of the time basic issues faced by farmers are related to cattle health, disease and treatment which clearly tells that Cows on Cloud is the need of the hours to improve, says Sujit Hukkerikar and Prasad Desai Founders Adis Technologies.

It further plans to use this opportunity to further build its emerging technologies in order to digitize Indian livestock. Our machine learning engine which would be able to give varied solution recommendations to farmers based on inputs pertaining to their cattle and dairy farm. All these technologies will reach each and every small-holder farmer via the mobile app-based application at the micro-level, in situ management of indigenous farmers and their cattle.



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