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Aditya Vernekar dreams big with creative designing


Aditya Gajanan Vernekar brought laurels to Belgaum by winning the second prize in The Ideation Award at the recently held Malaysian International Furniture Fair 2010 (MIFF 2010) recently. Aditya did his PUC from GSS college and his civil engineering from GIT. He won the 2nd prize while he was facing tough competition from students from 22 countries. He had designed a multi purpose stool “QUBE”. Which has many uses. Currently he is pursuing his studies at the Limkokwing University of creative technology Malaysia.

His new design has been shortlisted in the Lamborghini design competition where his design has been shortlisted out of 285 entries and is now in the last 64. Aditya named this theme COLOURina and you can check that out on www.paintmyride.org


A small interview with Aditya:

This is Aditya’s first interview to any media in India and AAB is proud to be the first one.

What made you take up creative designing?

Aditya —> The title of my course is industrial design major and my father Mr. Gajanan Vernekar who is an Engineer & Industrial designer. He is my main source of inspiration. I was always influenced by some of the great designers like Mark Newson, Konstantingrcic, Renzo Piano, Carl Liu And pretty much as a person I grew up with similar experiences. Lots of failures and down sides in my past and those have become my keys to present success.

Other aspects that greatly contributed to taking design are, I always wanted to explore some new possibilities& culture. Meet new people exchange views & ideas one of the great contributors to my design understanding is Mr. Reza Razazzadeh from Iran my close friend and a great artist.

Qube design

Your experiences creating the Qube and why u thought of that design?

Aditya —->Qube was just a general design the idea of developing such a seating evolved from one of my personal experiences when I visited a public school.

India is a developing nation and education is one of our vital source and stand point to be a strong nation. But not really much has changed in the class room. Country is going hi tech but we still sit on those monstrous dull wooden benches which don’t really have any ergonomic functionality nor are they safe they are very static and eat up lot of floor space. That’s where I came up with idea of developing qube.

It simply transforms to the requirement of the user for best possible function. Charles Darwin said nor does the strongest, nor does the smartest but one who transforms and adapts to the situation exist that’s the philosophy behind designing qube

How did u think of participating in MIFF 2010.

Aditya —->Participating MIFF 2010 was just an initiative to display my skill and to test my competency among other Students in the same field. Over all I developed this project in 16 days when I was in India for my midterm break.

What made you take up creative designing?

Aditya —-> The message I would like to convey is believe in yourself, be very confident Be a dreamer and stretch your boundaries beyond to achieve them. Enjoy failures & experiences and you will enjoy success like never before.

Your future plans?

Aditya —-> Future plans are, I am very keen on enrolling myself for MDES in advance Product design at UMEA SWEDEN. Or peruse MDES in Industrial design at IDC at IIT Powai, Mumbai. Working for it hope I get there.



  1. Do i know you from somewhere?? Did u spent some time at K V Pendharkar college?? Apologies if i have got the wrong person.


  2. Dear Aditya,

    Please forward your father’s mail ID to me or forward him my mail ID. We were working togehter at “Mayuk” for short period.

    SNPatil, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
    +91 9673001222

  3. Hi Aditya,
    Congratulations dude! Your design is phenomenal ! Hope to see more innovations from you.


  4. Aditya,
    Hearty Congratulations.
    I am your father’s class mate from IIT.Pl let me have your father’s contact details.

  5. Nice to read your interview and comments. Keep the momentum going! We, Belgaumites expect lot more from you!
    Congrats and All the best once again,

  6. Congratulations Aditya.
    Wish you All the Best.

    Nice to hear about a Belgaum guy & a GITan doing good on an international platform.

    Will this product be put into commercial use?

    Have you checked with the Design Centre in Ahmedabad?

    • hello deepak
      thanks for the comment & inputs
      design objective is not for commercial use yet
      the concept still need to be reworked and refined
      for ergonomic and production feasibility.

      yea i know the design center in Ahmedabad thats NID

  7. This is Fantastic!!! Wow… good to see someone from our Belgaum on an Inernational stage… Many Congratulations Aditya!!!

  8. Dear Aditya,
    That is a good Qube design, but just a constructive feeback there is no support for the back i.e the cube is not suitabe to sit down for longer than 15mins.
    Anyways good work, keep it up.

    • hello prasad
      yea i value your input.
      but there is one particular panel which shows the locking mechanism
      which is not been uploaded
      am not really sure of the ergonomic factors

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