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Admission time: Is raat ki Subh Kabhi

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Its that time of the year when all young parents will be praying and hoping to get their kids admitted to a school of their choice, if they are lucky or into any school otherwise.

Many parents start the school rounds (not those rounds during lunch break you used to take when you were in school) from January month itself just to know when the forms will be given for Jr.KG. As time passes by the blood pressure of the parents start to rise for no reason. Some might even think getting a baby born or delivering a baby was not so terrible.

This year February came and still the schools had not decided when the admission process would begin. Parents used to visit all the probable schools they could anddpnotice check when the forms would be given.

March arrived and still the school authorities were uncertain about the dates. Some schools said by March 15 something will be made clear and yes at last the dates were out. I have seen happy faces when they just read the dates of the admission process on the board. But friends this is just the start.

Herwadkar School started the admission process on 18-03-2008. And in the morning there were about 200 parents lined in to get forms even before the school gates were opened. I had been there also and decided that I would try my luck the next day but luckily in the afternoon, just to see how much the rush is I went in and to my surprise the queue was very small only 30 parents and I said this is the time to get a form at least and make a Shri Ganesha. I got the forms in about 20 minutes and to tell you I wasn’t happy like this in my life not even when I passed my SSLC in distinction. Now I got the forms, from here the other story, fill the form submit it. Then the forms will be scrutinized and a list will be put and if my daughters name comes in it, wow my life has become fruitful. Not as easy as said. After the list is put up, there will be a parent’s interview and what I will be asked is quite clear, how much? Now that the biggest Q. How much? (All know how much in what context) Lets see cant say now until I have been there. Past experienced parents do help out with their experience.

The forms for Divine Providence and St.Joeshps Convent will be given form the 1st april to 3rd april. Last convent noticeyear scenes at the convent in camp were dreadful. Parents lined up at 9 pm in the previous night it self just to get the forms, leave admission aside, just forms. So this time special instructions have been put up for the same. See in the photo.

This time areas have been specifieddp area so if you don’t fall in those areas you might not be getting a seat I guess. See the photo for details.

I hope I get my daughter admitted to a school and my blood pressure comes down….

I wrote this post only as I thought many of those young parents, grand parents reading this might just feel, hey it’s my story.
Hope all their dreams of getting admissions are fulfilled.

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