Advocates vs Scribes the battle intensifies

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The battle between the the advocates and the scribes is now intensifying even in Belgaum after the attack by a lawyers on the media persons in Bangalore earlier this week.

Yesterday a special meeting of the scribes and the Advocates was held along with the DC and SP as two lawyers had threatened a TV reporter and it all looked like all is well after the meeting. But today morning things changed.

Today morning as the media persons gathered to have a protest rally the advocates came in and there was almost a point of tiff off at the DC

The advocates of Belgaum took out a procession from Court compound to Dhramveer Sambhaji Chowk and condemned the biased and false reporting done by the media(both print and electronic). The Lawyers said that, media is practicing Yellow journalism and hence the newspapers are only good enough for kids to shit on them and for adults to wipe their bottoms.

A host of new papers were burnt by the advocates in protest. Mr.Patil of the Belgaum bar council said that it would be better to ascertain first who had done the attack in Bangalore and whether the men in black suits were really lawyers or goondas. It is bad on the part of the media to only show one side of the story.


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