Citizens repair road themselves

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Self help, they say us the best form of help.

About 250 men & women turned up this Sunday morning with phaudas at the Race course/ Point road to smoothen the road surface so that it is easy for the morning walkers to walk on the same.

It may be recalled that the army had dug up the entire road on September 29, 2011 citing security reasons even when the Supreme Court had said that this road should be open to public.A fight by the morning walkers had made the army to reopen the road for civilians.

Repeated requests to the DC and CEO of Cantonment to repair the road was not heard and hence it was decided to “Shramdan” and make this road more accessible to all.  DSC01084

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  1. Shame for authorities to see the tax payers takeing up the civic aminities work. Hope the authorities realise there responsibilty and act acordingly.
    i shall join hands with citizens of for such good cause.


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