Aerofest takes off

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Three day Aero Fest 2010 started yesterday and is jointly organised by National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR), Bangalore and the Belgaum-based Karnataka Law Society’s Gogte Institute of Technology and K.L.E. Society’s College of Engineering and Technology.

Demonstrations of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) were held at GIT Grounds on the inaugural day.001002

NAL’s technological innovations and recent achievements are on display at the 3-day technological exhibition organised at GIT.

Exhibits cover wind energy, power generation from solar ponds, weather forecasting, support to India’s space programme, smart materials and structural health monitoring, composite materials, and design and development of small civil aircraft.

Hang Gliders namely Clipper and Cruiser at Sambra also demonstrated different formations.

Thanks Biddu.

See more photos of AeroFest here Thanks Biswajit Baruah

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