Air Deccan stops Belgaum Mumbai Flights:Mumbai Hubli Also stopped


Air Deccan has stopped its BelgaumMumbai & MumbaiHubli flights since the past month. I have contacted the authorities to know the exact reason of this closure of this route but I have not received a reply yet. Unofficially sources said that the route has been cancelled due to lack of traffic.

There was only one flight by which we were connected to Mumbai now that is also not there. For Hubli there is Kingfisher airlines which flies to Mumbai and hence might be the Hubli Mumbai Deccan flight might have been cancelled. But what about Belgaum, nor do we have Kingfisher no Deccan now. If we have to go by air to Mumabi we will have to go to Hubl or Kolhapur and take a flight.

Why does this happen only to Belgaum?

With inputs from Mr.Harish Mahendrakar


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  1. frankly speaking both anonymous are right …. one thing is that there many buses (luxury) plying between belgaum and mumbai …. but the air trafic was not that bad … its just another way to hamper belgaum’s growth …. but where there is profit businessmen will plunge on it .. and industry in belgaum will prove it …

  2. I dont believe any fatcs on this I have been regular flier on this sector especailly Mumbai Belgaum the load factor was always 80% and many times I even did not get connecting seat.
    This is just a ploy to destabilize Belgaum growing industrial value and besides there are many airlines soon be back on Belgaum skies.

  3. I think most people from belgaum prefer overnight journey by bus to mumbai or bangalore. their are so many travels and its lot more cheaper than air travel during off season.lack of traffic is not the correct reason because during most of the weekends I dont get any bus or train ticket to belgaum instantly.Also during festivals people pay 600-800 rupees to go by bus to belgaum. Its only that these airline companies cannot make business due to rising fuel prices that they are stoping services.


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