Air India Airbus 319 lands at IXG with over 68% load factor on first flight

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Belagavi airport made a new beginning today, with the starting of an Airbus 319 service from Air India from Bengaluru, which had a good 68% load factor on the inaugural flight. 

The AirBus-319, 83 passengers in arrival and 104 passengers in departure. The capacity of the AirBus-319 is 122 passenger.

A water salute welcomed the Airbus 319 on the tarmac, and this is what the runway was expanded for and the dream was realized today.

The Airbus 319 made an early landing with a travel time of 45 minutes from Bengaluru.


The Belagavi airport was all decked up to welcome the big bird to town.

It was a proud moment that Belagavi Airport received for the first time a jet-propelled passenger aircraft. A new chapter is being written here for a good and promising tomorrow to come with many more routes to be added soon in near future.

With this flight, Bengaluru is connected by flights on all 7 days of the week.

7 thoughts on “Air India Airbus 319 lands at IXG with over 68% load factor on first flight”

  1. Good news at last for belgaumities hope the effort s for udaan 3scheme materialise as promised by central
    government or else we must threaten to boycott the ruling party at the centre and state

  2. Happy with their baggage policy as well. 1 personal item, 1 cabin of 8kg and 1 checkin of 25kg. That will help international passengers take this connecting flight to or from blr. Just hope they partner with airlines soon and honor international baggage policy of the connecting airline, this will avoid all the overnight journeys by bus


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