Airline operators apply for 22 destinations under UDAN from Belagavi

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RCS networks/routes have been received in Initial Proposals of 3rd round of bidding under RCS-UDAN. Counter proposals are invited for the below mentioned Initial proposals received.

Routes under UDAN from Belagavi – 
Belagavi To Vadodara – under RCS

Belagavi to Bengaluru – Non RCS

Belagavi to Hyderabad – Under RCS – 4 operators

Belagavi to Tirupati – Under RCS -3 operators

Belagavi to Kadappa – Under RCS

Belagavi to Mysuru – Under RCS

Belagavi to Chennai – Non RCS

Belagavi to Pune – Under RCS

Belagavi to Surat – Under RCS

Belagavi to Mumbai – Under RCS – 2 operators

Belagavi to Indore – Under RCS

Belagavi to Jodhpur – Under RCS

Belagavi to Jaipur – Under RCS

Belagavi to Cochin International Airport – Under RCS

Belagavi to Kalaburgi(Gulbarga) – Under RCS

Belagavi to Hindan (Delhi) – Under RCS

Belagavi to Mangalore – Under RCS

Belagavi to Ahemdabad – Under RCS

Belagavi to Mumbai – Non RCS

Belagavi to Nagpur – Under RCS

Belagavi to Ozar (Nasik) – Under RCS

Belagavi to Vadodra – Under RCS

Final list after approval will be made public on 7-01-2019.

Now the counter bidding process is on, which means other operators can bid again for the routes which other operators have bid for.

Belagavi to Mumbai has been bid under RCS and Non RCS as well. Bengaluru and Chennai also have been bid under non RCS.

All routes under RCS have also applied for VGF (Viability Gap Funding)

udanUDAN-RCS Fares

For the fixed-wing aircraft, there is a cap of maximum fare of INR2,500 per hour of flight for the 50% of the seats (min 9 RCS seats and max 40 RCS seats per fixed-wing flight.

Capped RCS fares will also be graded based on distance, e.g. INR1,420 for a distance of 151–175 km, INR1,500 for a distance of 176–200 km, and so on, with a ceiling of maximum INR3,500 fare for a total distance of 800 km or more.
Value Gap Funding (VGF)

The scheme entails making the routes financially viable, without insisting on the financial viability of the regional airports, by lowering the cost of flight operations and through VGF. VGF will be available to flight operators on specific routes for the first 3 years of their operation

8 thoughts on “Airline operators apply for 22 destinations under UDAN from Belagavi”

  1. With all due respect to what has been done so far, it would have been much better if there was one single International level airport built somewhere near Kittur for Belagavi, Dharwad and Hubli. It would have been awesome if NWKRTC would have coupled up with Airport Authorities and arranged buses for all three Cities according to the flight timings.

    This could have solved many issues.

    1) Farmers of Belagavi wouldn’t have lost their land. A barren land that doesn’t grow anything would have served the purpose.
    2) There wouldn’t be competition between Hubli and Belagavi for flights.
    3) One single Airport built at an International Standard would have served the people much longer, than two domestic airports at Belagavi and Hubli.
    4) Passengers wouldn’t have been robbed by Auto Rickshaw and Cab owners.
    5) One flight would have served 3 cities instead of two flights originating from same destination and hence more business to Airliners.
    6) More business to NWKRTC for serving the cities from airport.
    7) The most important one, the convenience of more destinations being served to passengers of all the 3 cities.

    There needs to be some planning in place before we actually execute the projects. With the amount they have spent in constructing two airports, they could have built a killer model airport for North Karnataka people. This would have created a Win-Win situation for everyone, be it people, government and airliners.

    I really hope the government will plan and execute the future projects years ahead, keeping future traffic and possible growth in mind rather than settling for short term solutions and immediate situational demands. After all the UDAAN scheme is being funded by the common man’s (and woman’s) taxes. People deserve better.


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