All About Belgaum turns 2

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I want to take a moment to whole-heartedly thank the readers of All About Belgaum for contributing over the past 2 years. It is an absolute honor to share this milestone. This past year has been rewarding; let’s quickly review our journey until this point. 2ani

Highlights of the past year:

A significant achievement seeded and nurtured by the blog has been the formation of Information technology (IT) BELGAUM group, resulting in professional collaborations between Belgaum-based IT entrepreneurs.

Judging from the myriad comments each month, this blog has served as an important online source of news and information for thousands of Belgaumites scattered all over the world.

In the 2 yrs since its inception, there have been 1173 blog posts with 1247 comments (thanks for the overwhelming response!), resulting in 110000 visitors in the second year which is a 4-fold increase from the first.

Even during times of significant delay between posts, visitors have continued to exponentially increase the number of page views. To be honest (and maybe a little cheesy), the constantly improving visitor statistics are the biggest driving force that keeps the blog rolling—thank you so much! I remain grateful towards everyone caring to read, even if only once or on occasion.

I’ve met and covered many incredible people, both in person and online. The posts on this blog are constant reminders of these amazing people, many of whom have gone out of their way to help. This blog wouldn’t have existed without their passionate support. Even at times when visitors disagreed and left unpleasant comments, resulted in “teachable moments” challenging my assumptions about the world we live. Would also take this moment to appreciate the contributions of fellow bloggers; they continue to inspire with their knowledge and passion for writing.

Lastly, this blog exists because of you (THE READER), thank you for earnestly visiting and participating. Looking forward to many more conversations in the years to come! If possible, I would like to thank each reader individually, and this can happen only when you leave a comment. To sincerely acknowledge your contributions I have created a list of those who left comments on the blog in chronological order (from the first post until now). It was delightful to look back at all those who have transformed All About Belgaum into a two-way conversation! Thank you again for your support. You rock!2anilogoThanks Manas for this cute wish.

List of Visitors who left comments on AAB!

(Thanks Nitin Nimbalkar for the first comment!)

Top Commenter’s comments wise: (Comments only till 3rd August 2009)

1. Sundeep Sheri (33)

2. Satish Kumar (32)

3. Sujay Nimbalkar (29)

4. Mahantesh (23)

5. Praveen Bhagoji (21)

6. Shreyaz (15)

7. Vineet (14)

8. Aadil Bandukwala (14)

9. Sandeep (13)

10. Bramhanand Chipre (10)

11. Prasad Prabhu (9)

12. S M Naik (8)

13. Sachin Patel (8)

14. Sahir Kittur (8)

15. Sukrut (8)

16. Cinoj (7)

17. S M Katti (7)

17 thoughts on “All About Belgaum turns 2”

  1. Congratulations Uday.
    Its your brain child in creating this Blog which has changed the lives of People in Belgaum in an efficient manner.Because of your Efforts people in and around Belgaum are able to be abreast with the happenings and news of our city.
    Also those staying far away from Belgaum who are emotionally attached to Belgaum for any reason what so ever, get refreshed constantly with the news,views and of course the Photographs uploaded on this site.
    One more interesting part of this web site which I would personally like to appreciate is, the Section of Guessing a place or Building, etc. This is one unique feature which the users like.
    Keep your social work of this web site in the same momentum so that this Blog soars to even greater height from the present successful one.
    Congrats once Again 🙂

  2. Well done Uday. You and Satish Kumar ( ) are doing a wonderfull job. Your blogs have given awareness to many citizens of belgaum as well other places about belgaum and its happenning. I hope your blogs continue the spirit and we not just restricting ourselves to commenting on your blogs will try to contribute to the City and the nation in some way or the other.__Good Luck for the future.

  3. Congratulations Uday! ABB is the only source that I rely on giving me prompt, reliable and digestible info on Belgaum. You're doing a great job! Kudos!

  4. Congrats Uday sorry for late reply , Keep it going On , You are doing great job and I wish it will inspire more Belgaumites to take on social networking more civic awareness through blogs

  5. Congrats Uday, for reaching this milestone sucessfully…Keep it up
    Your website is main turning point for our belgaum's development(overall). We were fighting individually for our langauges before now we are fighting for our Belgaum' development….which is very good sign for any country….

    I also would like to Congratulate Mr Sathish who is far away from our country but provides latest news on our strenghts and provides very valuable information (Mainly automobile field)

    Keep the good work…Best of luck for both of you..

  6. Congratulations….and really good news….well im in Saudi Arabia and this is the only site where im getting all the news from belgaum…yes keep us updating yaar..
    all the best..

  7. congrats, guys good job keep it up….. im in kuwait its only site where i can be updated all about my belgaum I love my belgaum


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