Amar, Releases “Antaheen” on all popular listening platforms

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Amar Kulkarni, a musician based in Pune has released his debut song “Antaheen” on all listening platforms.

Amar Kulkarni, was born and raised in Belagavi and has been popular in the music circles over the last 2 decades. A Paulite from the 1995 batch, his played with 2 bands during his college days in the late 90s. The bands “Edge” and “Antibiotic” played classic rock and At rock covers in college festivals and private concerts.

In 2001, Amar moved to Pune and built a career in CADCAM software for Automotive and Aerospace companies but kept his music alive by playing with bands like NH4, Taal INC and the Ajaladhwani project.

Amar sees himself as a new-age storyteller who uses music as a means to travel to the listeners minds. His music is contemplative and retains focus on the vibe and the message both. Antaheen is a pop-rock song, with a little story built in. It musically builds up and ends in a crescendo that many will enjoy listening to.


Amar has released a 8 part series titled मित्र (transliterated ‘Mitra’) starting 18th Dec 2020 with a new song scheduled to be released every month for the next 8 months. The word मित्र is the sanskrit word for friend. It is a tribute to the greatest gift one can give and receive. The series is called “Mitra” because Amar composed these songs with the intent that these songs become friends and companions to his listeners.

Amar’s music is inextricably linked to his life in Belagavi, his life in Pune, his travels all over the world, his family and perhaps most importantly, his friends.

Belagavi is also a hub of long standing educational institutions; engineering schools and medical schools that attract students from all over the country, thus adding to the already rich confluence of culture.

The history of the city dates back to the 12th century and somehow in the 1990s, rock/grunge music made it’s way to the city. It’s remarkable that these imports of culture were happening in the pre-internet era.

When one listens to Amar’s music, one notices the influence of all this packed tightly into his songs.

His connection to Belagavi is deep and his music reflects it. First time listeners will notice that Amar is an observer. He weaves his observed sights, thoughts, experiences together into songs. His love of Hindi is evident in his carefully crafted lyrical content. Those familiar with Amar’s previous work with AjalaDhwani project will notice his ever experimental perspectives have evolved further.

With मित्र, Amar has taken his musical journey forward; in a more philosophical direction. These songs were written in 2020, the remarkable, strange and scary year that affected us all. These songs are reflections about understanding the human condition stripped away from things, activities, that we have always considered essential. But perhaps these songs primarily point towards hope and about his realizations about relationships.

In the first track Antaheen, Amar reflects on the premise that our existence is our nature and infact our existence is the purpose; that we are endlessness personified.

He deftly tackles the philosophical questions about life’s design and all our experiential ups and downs and how they are connected to the human desire to seek. Ever seeking while the wheel of life keeps spinning – “Phirta jaaye dayra antaheen”.

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