Night Curfew imposed as per suggestions of Technical Advisory Committee: Dr.K.Sudhakar

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Night curfew has been imposed in the state as per the suggestions given by the technical advisory committee. Meanwhile health department is keeping vigil on passengers returned from United Kingdom said Heath & Medical Education Minister Dr.K.Sudhakar.

Dr Sudhakar held a detailed discussion with the members of technical advisory committee earlier this morning. The meeting was significant on the backdrop of reports of a new strain of Corona virus found in the UK. Later Dr Sudhakar met Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa at his offcial residence ‘Krishna’ and briefed the CM on the suggestions provided by experts in the meeting.

Speaking to the media after CM’s briefing Minister said that, a decision has been taken to impose night curfew in the state. Night curfew will be imposed starting today from 10 PM to 6 AM till January 2 2021. People are advised to wind up their activities by 10 PM. Unnecessary gatherings and celebrations are prohibited. The Minister requested the citizens to cooperate as the decision is taken in the interest of public health and safety.

Detailed guidelines will be out soon regarding the permitted activities and restrictions, he said.


Health Department to keep vigil

Health department officials will keep vigilance on those returned from UK from November 25 to December 22. They will undergo 28 days compulsory quarantine. Health officials will take care of their health for initial 14 days. After that individuals have to volunatily restrict themselves at home, he said.

2,500 passengers have arrived in the state during this period. 2 flights/day arrived during this period. Details of the passengers are available and every single passenger will be kept under strict vigilance. RTPCR test will be conducted if symptomatic. The Minister said.

We have 4 elite institutes in Bengaluru including IISc and NIMHANS to study genetic sequence of the virus. Sample of the positive persons will be given to these institutions for study and research will be conducted on new variant of the virus. Said Dr.Sudhakar.

Political leadsrs should get their facts right

A political leader has issued a statement that 14,000 passengers have arrived from UK. This is completely baseless. There is no need for the government to hide the data. Politicians should get their facts right before they speak, Dr.Sudhakar said

This is inevitable

Responding to the objections raised by Bar and Hotel owners association for night curfew, Dr Sudhakar clarified that night curfew decision is not a happy decision but it is inevitable. considering the public health and safety curfew has been imposed. There is no restrictions for any activities before 10 PM and all agricultural activities including transportation and marketing of farm produce will not be affected, he said.

Everyone should be sensible and act responsibly in this matter, we should not consider only financial implications, public health is paramount. Curfew is for only 9 days, it will help us to study the genetic sequence of the new mutant during this period, said Dr.K.Sudhakar. Arch Bishop of Bengaluru has conveyed a message to me that they are not conducting any celebrations this time. I have written a letter thanking Arch Bishop for this gesture, said the minister.

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  1. If any one in a position with authority reads this . . .
    PLEASE learn from the past. We cannot trust that people ordered to quarantine themselves will do so like obedient children. Please enforce quarantine at a government appointed lodge etc or a hotel of their choosing (if any have been assigned for quarantine purpose). Or have a patrol/guard stationed outside their house/flat. Whichever is cost efficient. This seems cruel but it ‘s for the greater good. I am not calling anyone a liar but there are those select few that don’t care about others. So better to be safe than sorry.

    Be safe,
    and STAY blessed everyone


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