Anand Appugol arrested in Mumbai

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Anand Appugol the Chairman of Shri Krantiveer Sangolli Rayanna Co-Operative Credit Society who was missing since a fortnight has been nabbed by the Karnataka Police in Mumbai and he is been brought to Belagavi.

From the past several months the depositors of Shri Krantiveer Sangolli Rayanna Co-Operative Credit Society were not able to get back their deposits even after maturity and the amount is the tune to Rs.300 crores.

The depositors since the past week were seeing going to the house of the president Anand Appugol and also follow up with the bank, but the bank was unable to repay the deposits.

anand-appugolAppugol had tried to get anticipatory bail but all his attempts have gone in vain. A case has been registered by the Co-op department.

Appugol is has been brought to Belagavi and was produced in Court.



7 thoughts on “Anand Appugol arrested in Mumbai”

  1. This is a cooperative society and not bank..there is a big difference between both. Deposits done with bank are more secure and deposits upto one lakh is insured that common depositers money is secure..
    But that is not the case with societies

  2. He must have siphoned off the funds and invested. Demonetisation caught them with their pants down. The way Sahara chief has been arrested and money are being recovered by the supreme court, the same way this guy should be treated and money refunded.

  3. Any citizen if convicted must not only jailed, plus recover the money, nothing happened in jayalalita, reddy, kalmadi,….cases. only jailed n left free. How much money recovered?????

  4. Police department has to first arrest the left and right members of anand appogol toknow the amount where he has deposited otherwise we cannot recover the public money

    • many are tensely waiting, but nothing is happening, we have to unite and fight for our hard earned money, or else, he will quietly escape again.


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