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Roundabouts Reduce Traffic Gridlock and Save Fuel

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To cut down vehicular pollution and minimise road congestion; It is time for policymakers to come out of traditional policies, and use smart technologies to put an end to the traffic mess.

To reduce traffic congestion and improve safety, many cities start considering the use of “roundabouts.” Roundabouts are used throughout the world, to reduce accidents, traffic delays, fuel consumption, air pollution and construction costs, while increasing capacity and enhancing intersection beauty and used to control traffic speeds in residential neighbourhoods, also accepted as safe type of intersection design.

For those not familiar with the terminology, a roundabout is an intersection with a circular traffic flow pattern, where drivers enter the intersection and travel around a center island without the use of traffic signals or stop signs.

Basveshwar Circle (Govaves)

Modern roundabout is a type of intersection control with particular design and physical geometry to control driver activities such that maximum entry flow rate relies on circulating flow. Some of these features such as yield control at entrance and splitter island guarantee vehicles traverse roundabout safely and comparatively with slower speed.

Roundabouts have safety aspect, and that is their most important feature, by far. They are good for people because they are generally safer than traditional intersections.

All the major circles in Belagavi have a Centre island, but with no signals and roundabout it is chaotic. Not all circles can have roundabouts but one like Basveshwar circle can definitely have one.

Currently no one takes a circle when the traffic signals are off, they just turn right suddenly and then find one more vehicle infront of it coming from the other side.
Many dont even know that at a circle it is always best to take a roundabout which avoids head on collision. I have seen this at Sanhayni Circle, Chennamma Circle where if the drivers keep to their left and take a roundabout the island/police post its safer and even faster.

Roundabouts are not the solution to all traffic problems at all locations. Careful study is required to identify the most appropriate control method at any given location. A modern Roundabout should be considered as an alternative traffic control to traffic signals and stop sign control.

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4 thoughts on “Roundabouts Reduce Traffic Gridlock and Save Fuel”

  1. Yes. For all this to function smoothly our belgaum people have to be taught not to drive in a wrong direction. Not to overtake the other vehicle. And even our traffic police have to be strict by constructing permanent barricades and make permanent one ways.

  2. True. District administration is required to be smart to develop smart solutions to traffic problems and vehicle parking. Then only Belagavi city will become smart

  3. First people should become smart then ultimately change can see. We are one of the worst people in the world have undisciplined culture. Really shame on us & recent example is Belgaum city lawyers are not ready to use public facility,simple making hindrance to society & common people. Remember that without change our self we cannot expect from society or others.


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