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And now Apples grown in Belagavi

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If everything goes according to the plans of Anees Kinikar, a Belagavi youth engaged in research work of plants and trees plans to turn Belagavi into an apple growing city and remember it only takes one good apple that performs well in an area to build an entire industry around, says Kinikar.

Kinikar, who has been in research work of plants and trees since several years, came across with few scholars who informed him about Israeli scientists have succeeded in coming-up with saplings of Apple tree which can produce apples in warm locations too. Initially, it was hard for him to believe it, but later he learnt that the government of Himachal Pradesh was experimenting on those saplings by cultivating them in its warm locations and has received fruitful results. Kinikar with help of his network succeeded in getting a sapling and planted it at his sister’s place at Zad Shahapur of Belagavi.

Anees Kinikar apple belagaviApples are cultivated in cold climatic conditions but Kinikar came to know that there are varieties which can grow in a hot climate as well. Hence he started with one sapling planted at his sister’s residence in Zadshahpur about 3 years ago. First year it self the tree flowered but fruits did not yield and this carried on in the second year itself. But this year the fruits grew and the taste was also very good. He now plans to get more saplings and would try to cultivate it on a larger scale.

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  1. Congratulations to Mr. Kinikar for his research and the IDEA of planting apple trees , This certainly a good news for belgaum farmers to cultivate the apples in future which will help them financially.


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