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Angadi proposes fixing of escalator at Kapileshwar temple

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Kapileshwar temple Belagavi, is known as the Kashi of the south and thousands of devotees throng the temples every day and the rush is at its peak on Sharavan Monday’s and even regular Mondays.

Member of Parliament Suresh Angadi recently proposed that an escalator is installed near the Kapileshwar Temple so that it eases traffic for commuters.

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What we learn is an escalator is proposed near the temple side from the Kapileshwar bridge for commuters.

We are still not clear how this escalator will help in easing traffic issues.

The corporation has agreed to undertake the maintenance and MP has ordered a complete proposal to be made.

1 thought on “Angadi proposes fixing of escalator at Kapileshwar temple”

  1. Sir, idea of installing escalator on Kapileshwar bridge looks impractical. This bridge is very narrow & if escalator is fixed on this all traffic on the bridge will have hurdles.Please examine & study scientifically before making such announcements.


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