Anna Hazare to address rally in Belagavi on Jan 5 at Vaccine Depot


love dale belagavi

Social activist Anna Hazare will launch an agitation over Jan Lokpal and farmers’ issues in New Delhi on March 23 next year and to create awareness for the same he is on a mission to convey his thoughts to nation.

He will be touring Karnataka and will arrive in Belagavi on January 5, 2018 and will address a rally, at Vaccine Depot Ground, Tilakwadi. 


anna-hazareThe satyagrah for Jan Lokpal, farmers’ issues and poll reforms and he is likely to address the same issues at his public rally here.

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  1. So Strange,,
    Anna Hazareji was one among the people who suddenly vanished from “Ram Leela Maidan-New Delhi”
    After Loooong Sleep, Why did you wake up so early,Better go for another Sleep.
    Every Farmer is struggling on their own, they are not at all dependable
    on other Political People / Social Activist.


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