Anna Hazare says this time do or die

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Social activist and Gandhian who was in Belagavi for a one day visit categorically said that his time it will be “aar-ya-paar” (do or die) and he would fast unto death from March 23 in Delhi if his demand for passing “proper” bills for Lokpal, Lokayukta and electoral reforms were not met.

I will start the fast in New Delhi. If I am not allowed to hold the satyagraha or if I am arrested, I will start my fast from jail,” he said.

When the Centre waives crores of loans taken by corporates, why is it not waiving farm loans?” he asked.

Anna said he wrote 22 letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, regarding farmer-related problems, and 10 regarding the Jan Lokpal, but did not get a single reply from him. 

hazare-belagaviOn his way to Belagavi he handed over a lake rejuvenated by the city based Pyaas Foundation to the Aralikati gram Panchayat and then later addressed the media at the Cantonment IB and later addressed the public rally on Vaccine depot ground in the evening.

He said the Jan Lokpal Bill draft included the clause of a Lokayukta in every state, but it was not implemented. Big advertisements are being given about eradicating corruption. There is mismatch in preaching and following what is preached.

Over 12 lakh farmers committed suicide in the past 22 years, because of not getting a reasonable price for their produce. After 70 years of independence, farmers are struggling to get food two times a day, even today. The Farmers Pension Bill is pending in Lok Sabha since the past several years. It is the need-of-the-hour to give a helping hand to the farmers who have crossed 60. He questioned if the government waives loans of industrialists, why not of farmers?

The demonetisation of higher denomination currency notes has not put a curb on the corruption.

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  1. Seems Anna Hazare is a puppet of the government and get active only when elections are near. I hope I’m wrong. We need to give Anna one more agenda to fast so he can push to get Lokpal implement ASAP or else Anna will drag the same Lokpal until 2019 elections


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