ANNADAN – 24/7 Food box for the needy at Niyaz near CBT Belagavi

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Rotary Club Of Belgaum South has come up with a new initiative a 24/7 Free Food Project ANNADAN in association with Niyaz Group of Hotels, Belagavi intending to serve the poor and hungry with fresh food round the clock.

Niyaz Group of Hotels shall place fresh food every day in the Refrigerator installed on the preemies of Hotel Niyaz, opposite to Central Bus Stand, Belagavi. The Project is supported by Brhmadev Distributors, Belagavi.

rotary-annadan-niyaz belagavi
The Food box refrigerator kept at Niyaz hotel near CBt Belagavi

It was dedicated on Friday, 16th November by Shri Shashidhar Kurer, Commissioner of Belagavi City Corporation.

This is a very novel idea where fresh and quality food is stored and the needy can pick it up 24 by 7.

In Tilakwadi as well, there is a similar Food Box for needy at Celebrations store opposite Kalamandir.

The Annadan project will be widened and many such Food boxes will be placed in various other locations as well.

3 thoughts on “ANNADAN – 24/7 Food box for the needy at Niyaz near CBT Belagavi”

  1. noble cause and really appreciate this. at least some one is ready to do something for the needy.
    here in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES in the Emirate of AJMAN one hotel which goes by the name THEMAR AL BAHAR has been distributing food for any one who goes there in the afternoons . I have seen the quee to be really long but every one gets food .
    I hope others also follow the example

  2. Feeding hungry and needy people is biggest good deed. You go through any religion feeding the needy is given the top and highest priority and opens gate to swarg .


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